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1875 Remington, similar in hilt style to French 1866 and several other brass hilted bayonets


This has the un chamfered "Remington" hilt without the muzzle ring cut out of the1866. These blades are not common in full length as many were cut down for use with other weapons, see Argentina for a cut down example


German Makers mark



Distinctive almond frog stud.



Reproduction Machete Bayonet MkI


based on the 1907 hilt with an all new machete style blade, these were trialed but saw only limited numbers made





Canvas scabbard has integral web frog. Some Reproductions can be found with original scabbards as it seems more scabbards were made than blades



Hard to find full length 1867 bayonet. Most of these were cut down to the shorter length of the later 1873 Yataghan


Made by JUNG



Dress version of 71/84 bayonet


symmetrical cross guard has no residual muzzle ring



the pommel has no provision for mounting to a rifle


Fuller is signed but i cannot make out the signature



WKC makers mark


wear on locket of scabbard shows that the bayonet has been well worn

S14 made by Bayard, these always come in the Ersatz style scabbard as the blade thickness is such as to prevent the use of the S14 pattern scabbard


Makers mark



1904 or "Irish Mannlicher"  part of a contract for 10,000  blades supplied to the UVF in Northern Ireland


Austrian made but supplied through Rumania





lack of Rumanian markings indicates that this is the 1904 not the 1893 which is otherwise identical



3 digit serial typical of the Irish contract blades



1907 with replacement brass grips


Ricasso shows 1923 rework date so the grips are dated after this, could they be for ceremonial use or a home guard modification, there are at least 3 of these blades that I know of. Blade is highly polished and is probably period as brass has been allowed to tarnish


Originally issued to the Kings Royal Rifles



Grips are riveted and not crew fixed

Interesting rubber 1907 for film use. bayonet is styled on the early quillioned 1907


but hilt and cross guard modifications means it probably fits the P13/P17 rifle and not the  original SMLE, the quillioned blades were never made for these pattern rifles.



Hilt has been machined down


Original blade copied is RAF marked and has the pommel oil hole, neither of which would be found on a quillioned 1907

Another film prop, this time an 1853 with the socket shortened, without a locking ring this wouldn't lock onto a rifle


original inspection stamp on an otherwise mint example of the bayonet

Shortened Lancaster bayonet complete with shortened scabbard


only marking is ricasso inspection mark



Chape and locket are in good condition, better than most i have seen and leather is shortened original





1866 Chassepot style bayonet with chamfered slot and with muzzle ring cut out


Blade is devoid of all inspection stamps or serial numbers


Only mark is P,H (F.H?) in the slot, one hypothesis is that this made be a Potts & Hunt demonstration piece as it is in near perfect condition