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This month has been a mad month for new additions, many are less than common variations on bayonets i already have and many are classed as "rare" or hard to find. Newest additions to any country are firs tin table, note I only leave pictures here for a month or so and then move them into the body of the site, by country , by type and or onto the special pages


This 1944 made Australian 1907 (Mk1) has been fitted with the bakelite grips from the MkII Machete bayonet. It is unlikely that this is a trials piece and more likely a "lunch box special" made by a worker in the factory. Scabbard is a reworked WWI pattern scabbard (note the acorn frog stud) with 2MD markings on the throat. Grips are original as fake machete's are based on the MkI version that used standard 1907 wooden grips



Re gripped 1867 short fitted with w 3 rivet wooden grip, there are apparently 2 and 4 rivet versions as well. Even more interesting is that this is a an NCO version having the pommel ring for attaching trodels (knots)




No4 made at time of Korean war, shows the CA mark of the Canadian Arsenal manufacturer



Fixed folding bayonet



Two Brown Bess "plastic" bayonets used as film props in the film "Revolution" interestingly both use the same blade mould but have different  socket sizes

film uk 1907 pommel.jpg (180968 bytes)

Rubber 1907 with quillion from unknown film. The bayonet is based on a RAF marked post 1916 bayonet (note the oil hole in pommel), additionally the cross guard has been modified to fit a much higher barrel (P13/17?)

UK1853 with the socket shortened, possibly to fit on a pole as a pike or as a film prop



 Stahelin and Bitschelin made 1866 Jan 1868, with S prefixed French serial on crossguard

German Weyersberg made 1866 with U prefixed serial on crossguard

1866 with Reeves marked ricasso but no French serial

Daudeteau bayonet, essentially similar to the 1886 Lebel with the addition of a groove down the side of the hilt to accept the cleaning road. This has been fitted with a brass riveted Lebel frog which has had an approved slit in the bottom of the frog to allow it to be used on the Gras.

Four variations on the MAS spike bayonet showing differences in the tips and the knurling rings



1938 Luftwaffe frog in brown leather, makers mark shows a 1938 date

Unmarked 84/98 with all parts chromed. the blade shows atypical square fullers, and a stepped tang, both features only found on blades made my Move and another unknown maker. These are not commonly found blades. Any information on this would be appreciated

Kreigsmarine marked 84/98. Blade is marked 39 Clemen and Yung made whilst the scabbard is a37 WKC issue. The scabbard shows a O.7007.k serial which is taken to be Ostesea Kiel markings, the blade however is marked O.70P, is P another port (Peenumunde for example ) or something else?

S71 in the less common steel ersatz scabbard. Maker is Gerbr Simson in Suhl, whilst it is unit marked to 33.R.3.16 (scored out), acceptance was in 73. The gilt on the hilts is all that remains of the original finish, the brass grips were originally gilt finished, most blades found have had all of the gilt cleaned off and the brass base polished

german brass hilt ersatz.jpg (281079 bytes)german brass hilt ersatz hilt.jpg (330729 bytes)german brass hilt ersatz hilt 2.jpg (156453 bytes)

Ersatz bayonet with brass grips, blade in poor (relic) condition 

KS 98 dress with frog and knot (trodel)


Trodel is green over silver bullion not sure of unit this designates


Makers mark nearly obliterated



Frog has central rivet in rear face and trodel has blue grey leather straps

BK made sawback S14 bayonet


Re mains of original green scabbard paint still visible where it was protected by the frog

S71 sawback





markings show it was assigned to a reserve ersatz unit


original acceptance mark is 1874 so is fairly early in the production period of the bayonet

S98 in the less common of the ersatz metal scabbards used for this to replace the original leather ones

Poor condition 1944 made 84/98 maker ddb



An example of the 1935 bayonet with a sight mounted to the top of the muzzle ring although the sight is missing on this example



German 98/05 fitted with a muzzle ring probably to mount on the original Mauser rifle as it is low to the tang. Interestingly the blade has been shortened to the "standard" 10" blade length, but the original sawback has not been removed by grinding.

Russian 1891 Mosin Nagant shortened for use by Turkey


Blade originally made by Iveshk armoury

turkey G3 scabbard.jpg (328510 bytes)

Scabbard for G3 bayonet



WWI pattern helve carrier marked as 1917 made, the length of the rivets used may indicate that this is actually a fake (not a repro as it has been well aged using old leather)

A volunteer 1888 that has more than one interesting feature


The muzzle ring has been bushed to fit a 303 rifle, these are not common at all



Scabbard is very distinctive with an extra thick locket


and a sculpted mount and a very small frog stud, this is unlike any issue scabbard. the chape is a heavy iron mount rather than the thinner metal normaly ffound


Frog is especially made for this scabbard, having a very small hole to grip the frog stud


uk 1843 blade marks.jpg (208123 bytes)

1845 F type Socket for the East India Company. the markings indicate it was:

2          2nd Quarter
1848    Year accepted into arsenal
GA       Grand Arsenal Bombay
28        28th Native Infantry
8          8th Company
54        Sepoy No.54

Many thanks to Jeff for the translation of the markings

Martini Henry Yataghan


Made by German Kirshbaum maker and with a 1908 rework date (?)


Fitted with small muzzle ring - to fit a 303? or for cadet use, the cadet version are usually shortened this one is still original length 



Naval marking on tang?

1875 Volunteer with sawback removed


Bayonet made by Alex Coppel



Original saw back removed by grinding

Shortened 1907 with a German frog

1st pattern Brunswick


early button


pommel end markings



similar mark under cross guard

Commercial No5 marked STERLING


the commercial ones were reputedly made with excess stock and reject items. this blade ahs had the fullers ground so deep that the material is paper thin and has perforated over a sizeable area. note the Sterling mark on the blade



Converted French Gras 1874 , hilt has been machined down


Muzzle ring has been slightly (but crudely) enlarged


Not cuts in muzzle ring



serial on cross guard


larger but similar serial on the scabbard



us m9 bcn general 2.jpg (341082 bytes)us m9 bcn general.jpg (324967 bytes)us m9 BCN pouch.jpg (352674 bytes)us m9 bcn ricasso 2.jpg (186030 bytes)us m9 bcn ricasso.jpg (175657 bytes)US m9 paperwork.jpg (314301 bytes)

One of 75 M9 bayonets made to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Bayonet Collectors Network (BCN). Made by original manufacturer with a custom cut logo


Bayonet uses the latest ergonomic grips and not the early circular hilt of the first M9's


Custom stitched pouch with BCN name



BCN log and Xth anniversary mark


Made by Lan-Cay 



Even comes with notes added to issue M9 bayonets

us m11 general.jpg (319347 bytes)us m11 blade with pouch.jpg (244654 bytes)us m11 blade.jpg (207991 bytes)us m11 pouch front.jpg (308541 bytes)us m11 pouch.jpg (279028 bytes)us m11 knucks.jpg (355438 bytes)us m11 quick release.jpg (250848 bytes)

M11 EOD (explosives, ordinance, demolition) knife made by Lan-Cay, fitted with after market aluminium knuckle duster grips


Part of the M11 package is a large utility pouch attached to the scabbard


blade markings



quick open pouch holds primer crimp tool, Gerber multipurpose tool and mag litre


pouch is substantial


After market knuckles replaced original handle, reputedly made for issue to USMC but these are not official issue



quick release buckle attaches scabbard to the belt

Ontario made bayonet for the US marines, having a composite scabbard.


USMC moulded into the hilt



other side has USMC world and anchor


unlike the M9 this blade has no wire cutter or sawback, rather it has a serrated area immediately in front of the crossguard. the blade is very sharp from the factory on both edges


makers mark