I collect a varied range of militaria besides the bayonets which is the basis of my site, alongside a book collection based initially on my interest in military Aviation particularly WWII and German in particular. My father collected medals and badges and in his search in junk stores etc. I began to collect various military items mainly bayonets and helmets. The gas mask collection came from haunting the same places and finding one's I'd never seen before.

These pages are to show some of the other bits and pieces in my collection

  Collection of South African Enameled unit badges

 Collection of of   AMERICAN BADGES

 Collection of  UK WWII Unit Patches

Johston Atoll Colelction  (for sale complete)  Johnston Atoll

new badges Please Help with Identifications If you can

USA CCC BadgesDDR Shoulder tabs, French Badges, German WWII Badges, USA, GDR, Germany WWI, Netherlands, Norway, UK, Unknowns