My Helmet collection is very limited, I pick up pieces occasionally if it's something different, but other items will usually take precedence. Even so I think I have a couple of interesting items, the Quisling unit helmet, the Felt Pickelhaub, and the dress US helmet.

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East German Border Guard.jpg (34596 bytes)

East German.jpg (32326 bytes)

france 1.jpg (35559 bytes) France.jpg (33523 bytes) German WWI piklehaub in felt.jpg (34884 bytes) German 1916 pattern.jpg (31002 bytes) German original.jpg (34849 bytes) German.jpg (30941 bytes)
East German border guard

Swiss model 1918 M40 (David L with thanks)

France France German WWI Felt Pickelhaub German 1916 pattern that has seen better days German WWII German WWII Kreigsmarine Issue
German Fire service.jpg (33353 bytes) German refinished.jpg (35232 bytes) Norwegian pre WWII cap.jpg (37201 bytes) Norway air raid warden.jpg (29795 bytes) Norwegian Quisling apparently.jpg (32523 bytes) Norway post WWII.jpg (32583 bytes) UK Air Warden.jpg (32875 bytes) UK East Anglian Regiment.jpg (34138 bytes)
German Fire service German unfortunately refinished Norway pre war cap Norwegian Air raid precautions  Norwegian Quisling unit Norway Post WWII UK Air raid Warden (My granddads) UK, reputedly East Anglian division from Dunkirk period
UK Tin.jpg (41855 bytes) UK AA.jpg (34253 bytes) UK Home Guard.jpg (30643 bytes) UK despatch rider.jpg (32600 bytes) UK 1978.jpg (32285 bytes) UK AFV.jpg (36220 bytes) UK 1948 Jump.jpg (33334 bytes) UK ely fire service.jpg (34640 bytes)
UK with web cover UK AAA helmet UK home guard UK dispatch rider UK post war pattern UK AFV UK jump helmet dated 1948 UK, Ely fire service
UK Kevlar.jpg (38638 bytes) UK Pith.jpg (32578 bytes) UK riot.jpg (31284 bytes) US WWII GI.jpg (30191 bytes) US Vietnam Helmet.jpg (30614 bytes) US soft cap.jpg (34038 bytes) US sun hat green.jpg (37486 bytes) US sun hat cammo.jpg (38678 bytes)
UK Kevlar UK pith UK Army Riot US WWII US Vietnam Issue with original cover and inscriptions US cammo soft US Vietnam period sun hat (my fathers) US sun hat in cammo
US Honour guard.jpg (33131 bytes) US Kevlar without cover.jpg (29453 bytes) US Kevlar wth cover.jpg (32147 bytes) US pilot.jpg (34153 bytes) US Air Force Blue Beret.jpg (32930 bytes) US Air Force.jpg (34953 bytes) US COld Weather.jpg (38988 bytes) US Flight deck.jpg (40329 bytes)
US parade issued chromed steel US Kevlar US Kevlar with cover US Pilot US beret US USAF  US USAF cold weather  US Flight deck helmet
USSR Tanker.jpg (36118 bytes)              
USSR tanker