Total length = mm                  Blade length =  Blade width =  MRD = 

1878 Pioneer bayonet, identifiable from the 1881 below by having four rivets attaching the grips, despite references in several books both the 78 and 81 only have a fuller on one side


Four rivets on grips


Mouth of locket shaped to accept the heavy saw teeth of the blade


SIG Neuhausen makers marks on ricasso, note fuller on blade. Cross guard serial number would have matched that of the issued rifle



Unmarked obverse ricasso and lack of fuller

1878 converted into "Musicians" side arm



Distinctive ears on the muzzle ring have been removed


Press stud has been ground flush with pommel, and the slot has been filled, other versions have no fixings at all with muzzle ring filled or never machined


1881 Pioneer, scabbard for this is identical to that of the 1878 above



Only three rivets on the 1881 grips


Again the fuller is only on one side of the blade


Maschinenfabrik Bern makers mark


1889 first model with plain fuller


MacshinenFabrik Bern makers mark

Total length = 417mm Blade length = 294mm Blade width =  27mm MRD =  14.8mm

Slightly tired example showing plated areas on hilt and ricasso

1889/99 with large diameter rivet in fuller that held the blade firmly in its scabbard, there is also a small rivet model and one with a machined "bar" across the fuller



Early versions had penetrating rivet, later ones (like this one) are welded


Rivet in fuller, Waffenfabrik Neuhausen maker

1889/11 or 1911 pattern bayonet. There is a machined ridge in both fullers to retain the bayonet in the scabbard, instead of the added rivets above


Ridge in fuller, Waffenfabrik Neuhausen maker


Ridge is in both fullers

1906, uses the blade of the 1878/1881 pattern bayonet with a new wooden grip later used on the 1914


Wooden grips, were first used on this model of bayonet



Solingen makers mark on this bayonet, more usual maker is SIG Neuhausen


Significance of numbers on the obverse ricasso is unknown, the cross guard serial number is that of the rifle it was issued with

Switzerland M1914 Schmidt Rubin saw back.jpg (44908 bytes)

M1914 Schmidt Rubin

1900 model, made by modifying a socket bayonet


Conversion entailed adding a new section with a muzzle ring onto the blade


Added section is crimped into place around the cruciform bayonet blade



 a new "pommel" has been formed from the socket end of the socket blade

Switzerland M1918 Schmidt Rubin.jpg (54961 bytes)

M1918 Schmidt Rubin

Favor SMG spike bayonet


Uses locking system similar to that of the French MAS



this example is missing the locking mechanism itself

swiss sig.jpg (89182 bytes)

M1957 S.I.G.. stainless steel bayonet

M7 issued in Switzerland

switzerland Sig540.jpg (86022 bytes)

SIG 530 

M70 current issue bayonet



Modified Knife
Total length = mm                  Blade length =  Blade width =  MRD = 
 A knife produced for use based on the Stg 57 bayonet uses the same blade with a new one piece crossguard, hilt and pommel, and a totally plastic scabbard. An enterprising person took this knife and converted it into a fork for use with the BBQ pit, and added a bottle opener as well as some decoration to the blade.