Norway M1859 no stud.jpg (43331 bytes) M1867 (ID by Trond Wikberg)

Norway M1859.jpg (49078 bytes)

M1867 with scabbard (ID by Trond Wikberg)
Norway M1914 Krag Jorgensen.jpg (52610 bytes) M1916 Krag Jorgensen

norwegian shortened krag.jpg (93548 bytes)Norwegian false point on german issue krag.jpg (128721 bytes)

Krag used by Quisling Hird and Norwegian legion during WWII


Krag issued during  German occupation, close up shows Waffen stamp on cross piece. Bayonet is a shortened


False point ground on back edge of German issued Krag seen in above picture

norwegian krag converted to fit US garand.jpg (105562 bytes)

Krag modified to fit M1 carbine rifle post war. Scabbard modified to attach to US pattern Webbing

norwegian Krag Cnromed for parade use.jpg (56609 bytes) Krag chromed for parade

A fighting knife made by fitting a finger guard onto the 1894 replacing the locking mechanism. Scabbard is a shortened Norwegian Sword scabbard indicating that the modification is original to that country as these scabbards are not common

Grips have been replaced and are now held by "brass rivets"


M44 made by Sweden for the Norwegian police


Scabbard is obviously based on the Swedish 1896



Distinctive throat to fit the M44 blade with its lock


EAB makers mark and 353 serial (out of 4600)



Locking button for scabbard lock


Separate button for locking to rifle

US 1913 issued to Norway after WWII. Blade is a 1913 with original UK acceptance marks removed for issue to US troops in WWI



Cross guard markings are only indication other than scabbard modes of its use by Norway


Scabbard has grey painted leather body with 1907 chape



And 1907 throat modified to fit onto US webbing

Norwegian converted Manuser for post war webbing.2.jpg (112896 bytes)

M84/98 German bayonet converted to attach to US webbing post WWII. matching German and Norwegian numbers. The serials and the conversion shows this is a conversion for the Air Force. The new belt attachment is  piece attached to the original frog stud which is unmodified

German 84/98 Mod III modified to fit US M1 Garand post WWII. The main change is the addition to the cross guard of a lug to engage into the as plug on the Garand, similar to the US M5 bayonet.
Norwegian historical society chain on mauser.2.jpg (108056 bytes)  

German  84/98 presented to friends of the  Norwegian Historical Society (1975 onwards) modified by addition of chain between hilt and blade



Chain end that engages hilt slot lock



Chain end machined to fit ricasso of 84/98

Norway US M4 style made by Kongsberg.jpg (52286 bytes) M4 Model made by Kongsberg
Norway AG3 bayonet made from US M4 parts.jpg (57274 bytes) AG3 made from US M4 parts
Total length = mm                  Blade length = mm              Blade width =  mm              MRD =  mm                           
Royal guard bayonet with distinctive leather integral frog and all black finish