T30 Arisaka with scabbard modified to attach to US belt webbing.


Makers marks of Tokyo arsenal, small symbol under stacked canon balls is of unknown significance but one similar can be seen on my Chinese Mukden Arisaka



Web frog with wire clip to fit US pattern webbing


reverse of frog

Korea South M5 to M4 conversion.jpg (84541 bytes)Korea South M5 to M4 conversion crossguard.jpg (96705 bytes)Korea South M5 to M4 conversion hilt.jpg (67890 bytes) M5 converted to M4 


Modified crossguard on M5 to M4 conversion 


Pommel conversion on M5 to M4 conversion 

south Korea M5.jpg (87710 bytes) M5 conversion of US blade, 
Korea South Scabbard.jpg (93226 bytes) South Korean made US M8 style scabbard, made in metal not fibre goes with M5 bayonet. (many thanks to Chris Hatfield for this). This is the scabbard for the above M5 although they are rarely seen together
south korea m7.jpg (79190 bytes)south korea m7 scabbard and cg marks.jpg (130413 bytes) Korean made M7 bayonet 



Markings on M7