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East German made 91/30 Nagant
east germany AK47 .jpg (71466 bytes) AK47 
East German AKM type 1 early scabbard.jpg (74791 bytes) AKM type 1 with early steel scabbard - Many thanks to Peter for his kind donation 



Cross guard markings

east germany AKM1.jpg (86124 bytes)east germany AKM1 markings.jpg (117935 bytes) AKM type 1 



Hilt Markings  

AKM 2nd Pattern (identified by Brian)

Late pattern AKM bayonet with red grips instead of the more common black grips


Matching numbers on blade and scabbard

Late model AKM type II with very pale orange grips



Grips and scabbard have matching electric pencil serial inscriptions


KM87 Special forces bayonet manufactured just prior to the re unification of the Germany. Only 5000 of these were made and I believe none were issued to troops. For more pictures on this see KM87

Training Bayonet

Not a bayonet this is a Paratrooper knife with a sharp double edged blade but no point

Never issued