Sword Bayonets U-Z

For sorting purposes I have chosen Bayonets with above  12" blades to be classed as "Sword"

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United KingdomUnknownUSA, USSR , Yugoslavia


Uk baker pattern.jpg (58368 bytes) UK baker pattern hilt markings.jpg (108527 bytes)

Baker Pattern Bayonet 


Hilt markings on Baker 

UK hilt of boarding cutlass.jpg (97782 bytes)

Hilt of Naval Boarding cutlass bayonet

ukk lancaster.jpg (70187 bytes)uk lancaster. VRAMC marks.jpg (83601 bytes)

P1855 Lancaster Pipe back blade with Brass cross guard and pommel 


Volunteer Royal Army Medical Corps stamps on pommel 

Shortened Lancaster bayonet



Normal Lancaster hilt has leather grips replaced by wood, oxidation of rivets show this to have been carried out some time ago


New grips have transverse slot for unknown reason

This is not the same as the version shown in Skennerton as the point shape is different and there is no plug in the muzzle ring


reshaped point

Lancaster Volunteer, the obvious distinction on the version is the steel cross guard rather than the normal brass one, interesting as Volunteers often went the other way around replacing a Steel cross guard with a brass one.

UK P1856 Enfield.jpg (49426 bytes)

M1856 Enfield

Thought to be  cadet version of the bar on barrel 1856, made by Weyersberg but without any other markings. Blade is substantially lighter than the military issue item.

UK_ENFIELD_P1856I58.jpg (85127 bytes)

P1856/58 Volunteer Issue Enfield

UK 1856 Volunteer pattern

UK enfield volunteer hilt.jpg (97570 bytes)

Enfield Volunteer based on 1856 

Comparison of Volunteer brass and normal issue cross guard

UK cadet cutdown 1856.jpg (68134 bytes)UK cadet cutdown 1856 bushing.jpg (52549 bytes)UK cadet cutdown 1856 REPAIR STAMPS.jpg (89267 bytes)UK cadet cutdown 1856 marks2.jpg (61321 bytes)UK cadet cutdown 1856 marks.jpg (66383 bytes)

1856 cut down for use as cadet blade in late 1900's



heavily bushed muzzle ring of cadet, for a small calibre weapon. Tang shows multiple Birmingham repair marks. 



Birmingham repair stamps on tang



Ricasso marks 


Ricasso marks

UK cadet cutdown from volunteer 1856.jpg (87646 bytes)UK cadet cutdown from volunteer 1856 bar on barrel.jpg (55302 bytes)

Cadet bayonet made from cut down Volunteer 1856 copy


Bar on Barrel muzzle ring with large diameter indicating late manufacture after 1858


Jacobs bayonet for a double barrelled rifle, this came with a reproduction scabbard. The actual users of these blades is open to conjecture, many say India but it has not been confirmed. This is the longest of all the UK produced blades at 900mm overall length


Full basket hilt with leather grips


Pierced basket, with double muzzle ring





S&S makers mark for Swindurn and Son


Brass fittings on repro scabbard, unfortunately all known scabbards seem to be steel mounted. An all steel scabbard is also known









Unknown sawback bayonet. It is a volunteer item or possibly an Indian arsenal blade. item came from Scotland, hilt is very similar to the Lancaster Volunteer with steel cross guard and pommel, but is different in detail. MRD is 18mm. All steel has been highly polished and blued. Only marking is an Enfield inspection stamp on the grip, although this may just be a spare grip. Any ideas on the origin of this bayonet would be gratefully received.

UK 1870 Whitworth.jpg (80048 bytes)UK 1870 Whitworth pommel.jpg (39637 bytes)

1863 Whitworth 


Circular mortis slot on Whitworth bayonet

Whitworth Yataghan with Indian brass mounted scabbard



Chape shows an Anchor symbol, probably a makers mark rather than any Naval connection


Throat of Scabbard shows unit and weapon marks apparently for Medical Corps, could this be a side arm use of the blade

UK Elcho (repro).jpg (38458 bytes)

1870 Elcho (reproduction)

UK Enfield Henry hilt stamps.jpg (133238 bytes)UK Enfield Henry ricasso stamps.jpg (129179 bytes)

P1873 Martini Henry converted from 1856 Enfield, Tang Stamps 


P1873 Martini Henry converted from 1856 Enfield, Ricasso Stamps showing German manufacturer stamp 

UK Martini Henri Artilllary.jpg (57077 bytes)UK Martini Henri Artilllary hilt.jpg (53294 bytes)UK Martini Henri Artilllary hilt 2.jpg (50725 bytes)

P1879 Martini Henry Artillery issue - steel scabbard 


P1879 Martini Henry ricasso stamps 



P1879 Martini Henry ricasso stamps 

1887 MkIII, this is the most common of the four Marks of this bayonet and is the only one not to have blade fullers


1887 leather grips


Wilkinson 1889 manufactured bayonet



Inspection stamps and WD acceptance mark

1888 MkI 2nd Pattern made by MOLE, one of the less common makers


Manufacture date is 1899

UK 1888 Mk1.jpg (75667 bytes)

P1888 Mk I first type

UK 1888 Mk1 second type.jpg (54116 bytes)

P1888 Mk1 second type

UK 1888 MkII.jpg (53791 bytes)

P1888 MkII

UK 1888 MkIII .jpg (48048 bytes)

P1888 MkIII

1888 NoI MkII Naval marked with 1939 Navy pattern scabbard, point has been rounded for an unknown reason

Wilkinson London made blade

Rounded blade point is professionally carried out

1888 Mk1 type 2 Naval issue

uk 1888 naval issue markings.jpg (81999 bytes)

1888 Mk1 type 2 Naval issue in WWII, "N" stamp on pommel and 1939 marks on scabbard 

Markings of 1939 made scabbard

UK volunteer 1888.jpg (50595 bytes)

Unmarked volunteer 1888 pattern bayonet in modified 1907 pattern scabbard

Volunteer 1888

UK volunteer 1888 close up.jpg (75128 bytes)

Hand made blade, with short ricasso and flat spine on Volunteer 1888

uk greener volunteer.jpg (87879 bytes)uk greener volunteer wilkinson mark.jpg (111437 bytes)uk greener volunteer greener mark.jpg (118973 bytes)uk greener tang marks.jpg (41527 bytes)

1888 Volunteer by Greener, it has two oil holes due to the use of parts from multiple sources



Wilkinson marking on Ricasso, Patt 88 on pommel


Greener marks on Ricasso



Greener stamps on Tang of Volunteer

1888 Volunteer made by Greener, this one has both Greener made blade and Greener pattern scabbard, with throat screw

1888 MkI PtII

1898 made

RR mark indicates reduced in status, there also appears to be a partially stamped removed from service stamp (facing WD arrows)

Cancelled pommel marks indicates that the blade was issued at least twice

Tang markings on 1888

1888 with RR ricasso mark, very distinctive grinding marks on the blade



Blade is unusual in having a completely blunt blade and no signs of sharpening

1903 with Life Guards unit markings


Yorkshire light Infantry stamped out and remarked to Life Guards


Scabbard throat mark has same weapon number as pommel



Near mint condition with all marks clearly stamped 


1906 manufacture date



1903 marked scabbard


Leather frog


1903 Volunteer, completely unmarked

1903 Volunteer scabbard, again umarked

With internal chape

1887 MkI in India pattern brass mounted scabbard

4 rivet leather grips

Pommel markings indicate blade was used by Nepal unit (but not Nepalese as these are not marked in English script)

Pattern marks and manufacture date of 1898 on ricasso

Scabbard shows a 1925 date for the leather on the scabbard

Indian pattern scabbards have brass mounts instead of steel on the scabbard.

1887 MkIV made by converting one of the few 1886 pattern blades made

Bending mark and inspection stamps on right ricasso

Left ricasso shows original 86 pattern mark, and the C91 indicates the conversion date of 1891

1888 Volunteer model

Of interest on this model is the complete lack of cleaning hole

1888 Volunteer with the rare small muzzle ring

Brown skin scabbard and unmarked bayonet except for L seen on many of these, the only difference is the muzzle ring

1903 Volunteer model

Mole made version of blade, has no acceptance or date stamps, often volunteer blades are even without makers marks

Grips do show Enfield inspection marks

Scabbard is leather covered (pig skin) wood, with copper washed locket with only single rivet (instead of normal 3)

Internal chape

Japanese Arisaka trials bayonet. Japanese blades were bought and the pommel crossguard, and scabbard were re-blued. 150,000 were ordered but most were shipped onto Russia during WWI. UK marked ones are uncommon

London Regiment pommel markings

Original Japanese pommel serial are still on the pommel end

and the original Japanese makers marks are evident on the ricasso

1903 produced using 1888 blade, with dark blued blade

'00 manufacture date on the 1903

UK 1903.jpg (51096 bytes)


Canadian Ross made for UK issue, these have a straight blade rather than the hollow ground blade found on the Canadian issue bayonets

UK acceptance marks on Tang

Frog has brass button to fix it onto the belt

Enfield 1913 made quillioned 1907 in original MkI scabbard with internal chape

Internal chape and Kings Royal Rifle corps pommel markings

Original Buff leather frog

UK 1907 with quillion.jpg (107859 bytes)

1907 with Quillion

UK 1907 relic.jpg (56809 bytes)

Relic condition 1907 with quillion

UK 1907 relic 1907 stamp.jpg (88507 bytes)

Ricasso mark showing April 1908 manufacture date

UK 1907 relic Pommel marks.jpg (80783 bytes)

Pommel marks XXX over R.X 

1911 produced 1907 with re-sharpened broken blade

Broken point has been re-sharpened

Ricasso marks, pommel mark indicate its use by a Nottinghamshire? regiment 1 NOT

UK Fake Quillion 1907.jpg (79143 bytes)

Fake 1907 quillioned bayonet with original WWI scabbard and frog 

WSC 44 marks

Added quillion

UK M1907 with second pattern scabbard.jpg (51497 bytes)

M1907 with second pattern scabbard

UK 1907 STAMPED PALL MALL.jpg (88551 bytes)

1907 pattern made by Wilkinson 

uk 1907 false edge and Admiralty.jpg (65070 bytes)

1907 pattern, top has a false edge added and is marked as Drill pattern (DP mark on crossguard). The lower is a 1944 made Admiralty contract blade. 

False edge ground onto blade tip

Markings on Pommel of false edged blade

Chapman made 1907 with modified pommel

Grinding on pommel supposedly for home guard use

Top view of grinding

RAF markings on a 1907 bayonet

added 2/10/02

Enfield 1913 made quillioned 1907 in original MkI scabbard with internal chape

Internal chape and Kings Royal Rifle corps pommel markings

Original Buff leather frog

Mole manufactured 1907

MOLE makers stamp lightly impressed on ricasso

WSC 1942 made 1907, which has been chromed for parade use

Ricasso marks the WSC is not combined with the more common S294

UK 1907 Remington.jpg (119734 bytes)

Remington made 1907 with chromed/nickled blade and black painted scabbard, possibly for parade use.

UK 1907 Remington markings.jpg (135180 bytes)

Remington Ricasso markings showing late 1915 makers date

JAC made 1907 with RR stamps, there are no manufacture dates on this blade and the RR stamp is unusual for a 1907

opposite ricasso of 1907 shows no issue stamps either, if never issued why then reduced in status

M44 makers stamp on throat piece on 1907 scabbard

Late date of manufacture of this scabbard is evident form the compression marks on the throat rather than the more normal riveted fixings

JAC marked 1907

Beech grips on JAC bayonet

Remington 1917 fitted with home guard frog and 1 OTC pommel marks

Home guard frog on US pattern 1917 scabbard

uk 1907 raf marked.jpg (120431 bytes)uk 1907 raf markings.jpg (101160 bytes)

RAF marked Sanderson made bayonet, like the Remington this has been highly polished

RAF stamp on scabbard throat, these were used by airfield security troops of the RAF regiment

UK frogs.jpg (99506 bytes)

Home Guard frog

Green Web 37 pattern

White web 37 pattern

uk winchester 1913 winchester marks.jpg (91896 bytes)uk winchester 1913 acceptance marks.jpg (91381 bytes)uk winchester 1913.jpg (75634 bytes)

1913 Winchester made with Winchester Ricasso marks and partial blade blue

Winchester inspection marks on 1913

Non standard grips with additional grooving to normal 2 grooves of the pattern

UK remington 1913.jpg (88062 bytes)UK remington 1913 marks ricasso and scabbard.jpg (78477 bytes)

Remington made 1913 with original Brown waxed Remington made scabbard

Ricasso markings and RE (Remington) makers mark on throat piece

1913 markings

UK P1913.jpg (49527 bytes)

M1913 Remington made with rare double stitched scabbard

Interesting conversion of a P13/P17 to fit a SMLE rifle, all ricasso markings have been removed and the original cross guard modified by removing and re-weldng the muzzle ring appropriate to the 1907 location. Close examination of the cross guard shows that it is modified rather than a 1907 cross guard as in the case of the Indian conversions (which also retain their ricasso marks).

Additionally the fixed frog has been modified, these alterations most probably indicate that the whole conversion was done for home guard use in WWII

VTC bayonet has a 1888 style pommel and a 1907 style blade although the latter is not a 1907 blade. There are several variations to the scabbard pattern



Navy 1870 Yataghan, this is the scarcer variation of the1870, the more common being a straight bladed version, Only 10,000 of the1870 were made, with most being sent to Mexico, and Mexican marked examples can be found. In the 1970's it is reported that the blades of examples that had had their hilts melted down for the brass were rehilted, either with "new" hilts or with Hilts from the straight bladed 1870, it is possible that this is one of these bayonets, is this a fake or a restoration?


Several American bayonets of this period had very ornate fish scale decorated grips


Crossed cannons and and anchor decorate the pommel

1905 bayonet in 1910 scabbard


19l0 scabbard has metal throat in canvas scabbard cover



Scabbard has wood base, covered in hide with canvas outer cover



1911 manufacture date
serial on opposite ricasso
Remington made 1913 with UK marks removed and US markings over struck as the items were taken from production for the UK and taken for use by the US troops on entering WWI


Over struck UK markings and added US ones
1917 marked Springfield made 1905 bayonet 


Original grips are ribbed for grip, ricasso marks are clearly visible



serial on opposite ricasso

US M1917.jpg (47214 bytes) M1917 with 1918 date stamp
USN Mk1 training bayonet, utilizes a hard plastic for all parts, this was in service for only a short time as it was found to still be dangerous due to the hardness of th eplastic used. Normally all black this one has an unusual silvered blade


Ricasso markings



USN MARK 1 marked on blade



and on scabbard


unknown Remington Belgium marked.jpg (66335 bytes)unknown Remington Belgium mark.jpg (84624 bytes)Unknown Remington Belgium marked crossguard.jpg (52947 bytes) Remington based on 1866 Chassepot but totally unmarked bar BELGIUM on pommel. Fullers are not German or French pattern


Belgium mark on Pommel


Loose crossguard, not well made.
Unknown 1867 Remington p&s marking.jpg (94919 bytes) 1867 Remington bayonet with unknown markings, possibly P Stevens of Mastricht but there is no confirmation of this. Scabbard has French style frog hanger staple. 
France M1866 .jpg (49755 bytes) Remington, marked with Alex Coppel  balance on left side of blade and has a "C" in a circle on the right hand side. Has un chamfered hilt slot

1866 Chassepot style bayonet with chamfered slot and with muzzle ring cut out


Blade is devoid of all inspection stamps or serial numbers


Only mark is P,H (F.H?) in the slot, one hypothesis is that this made be a Potts & Hunt demonstration piece as it is in near perfect condition

Although this bayonet uses a 1907 pattern blade there are no makers marks etc on the blade, only a bending mark. Pommel shape is similar to an unfinished blade shown in ABC


Grips are fixed using oval washers and a single sided screw, these are similar to the Japanese Arisaka fittings. The pommel fittings to mount on the rifle are missing.


Right grips show no sign of fixings. The pommel shape is also reminiscent of the Japanese Arisaka although much heavier

An essentially identical blade, for use as a side arm as it has no fittings other then the Muzzle ring to mount it on the rifle



Bend mark is evident on both blades


Shape of pommel and grips is identical to the bayonet above



It appears that the hole in the pommel for the press stud may have been filled with braze. Although roughly made, the grip screws on both blades have been set to align

Another 1907 pattern bayonet with no marking to indicate maker or user. The blade is very coarsely finished



Hilt etc. is almost identical with my previously obtained "No6" trials blade



Shape of blade is only rough ground and is not that of any other 1907 blades in my collection



Luttich Sharpshooters bayonet as used during the Crimean war Bayonet is Belgian made and based on the UK Brusnwick, an uncommon bayonet



Locking mechanism is similar to UK Brunswick


Heavy blade damage, could this be from cutting wire? It isn't that damage seen from "sword" fighting



M24B made from German 98/05 with blade ground parallel, these often have replaced grips with grooves slanting in reverse to the German originals and blued and without muzzle rings

M24B without muzzle ring and marked on the crossguard M24B

yugoslovia 1924 long.jpg (73424 bytes) 1924 long


Ricasso markings

1924 long, marked AT3