Sword Bayonets F

Finland, France,

For sorting purposes I have chosen Bayonets with above  12" blades to be classed as "Sword"

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finland 1927 hackman.jpg (81670 bytes) 1927 made by Hackman (1927 has convex grinding to edge) 

Hackman makers mark

Finland Mosin Nagant M1928 30 SKY unit.jpg (59074 bytes)

SKY marked 1928 Mosin Nagant

Finland close up on SKY markings.jpg (69700 bytes)

Close up of SKY markings

Finland 1928 Mosin Nagant.jpg (49764 bytes)

1928 Mosin Nagant



1842 second model


Steel cross guard identifies this as 1842, the earlier 1840 has a brass cross guard


Right ricasso marks


Right hilt showing leaf spring locking mechanism, the later 1842/59 has a locking mechanism operated by a coil spring


heavy scabbard has heavy frog strap
France M1866 .jpg (50096 bytes) Mle 1842/59 bayonet, with internal coil spring locking. Much heavier blade than the 1866 and a "rough" cast iron cross guard instead of brass cross guard of 1842.

French 1842 with what I believed was Chinese script on the cross guard, it is however on closer examination and cleaning actually the original numbers struck out using a X stamp, a case of excess expectation on my part. Luckily I didn't break the bank

Early production 1866 with the rivet in the second cordon, rather than the 3rd as in all later made ones. The date is not visible on the blade due to the surface corrosion, however it is probably prior to December 1866

An unmarked 1866 style bayonet, which bears several small differences from standard French issue:

Blade is heavier being much thicker, with a completely flat spine, I am wondering if this is a modified 1842 type blade. Weight difference is noticeable on picking up the blade


Adjustment screw on the muzzle ring has square shoulders and not the rounded shoulders of a standard 1866


Ricasso is longer than any other example I have of the 1866 and fullers are earlier squared style



Cordons are deeper with much rounder profile


Quillion ball is less pronounced than normal


Slot appears shorter than normal 1866 but this is all down to a slightly shorter and more rounded pommel.

Any ideas gratefully accepted.

Defense Nationale bayonet made using a modified side arm sword blade. This one has a distinctive 3 fuller blade

Defense Nationale bayonet using an 1866 style hilt and a re-used double edged sword blade


Chassepot style muzzle ring with cut out, and Remington style un chamfered slot


Bottom rivet is missing and shows only a dimple where the hole would be drilled



Serial on cross guard


Makers mark "U" on the ricasso

Belgian made 1866 with French serial number on cross guard, ricasso mark is Crown over CB or CH
Reeves Birmingham UK made 1866
Grips of Reeves made 1866




Defense Nationale 1866 ordered from the UK maker William Millward, investigation has shown that they arrived to  late to take part in the Franco Prussian war, and were unpacked after the war. Most are found without any French Markings other than a serial number on the pommel end (not seen on this example). This is not a common maker





UK made model has a slightly smaller and rounder hilt


this results in what appears to be a shorter slot, examination shows the difference to all be behind the locking bar and due to the pommel shape

France M1866 with rough scabbard.jpg (50852 bytes) 1886 Chassepot  back of blade marked "Mre d'armes de St Etiene Fevrier 1874". Right side of blade marked with M and G in circles, left side of cross guard marked AB 97047. Quillion stamped with crowned D and two other stamps 
France M1866 .jpg (56720 bytes) 1886 Chassepot Right side of blade marked with M and G in circles, left side of cross guard marked O 6090. Quillion stamped with crowned G and two other stamps. Scabbard painted black. stamped B 88006
FRANCE_1866_Chassepot_chromed.jpg (85052 bytes)

Chromed 1866 Chassepot 

A 1866 Chassepot style bayonet with a brass plug filling the location that the bottom rivet would have taken, it is possible that this is a late FP war version which were reputedly made without the rivet to make production easier but I have not been able to confirm this Identified as a Defense National model made during the Franco Prussian war, the more normal ones without lower rivet, have a dimple one one side without a hole on the other side, this one is different because of the brass infill
Brass plug doesn't  penetrate the hilt

France Remington rehilt of Funcke blade.jpg (62090 bytes)

Remington re-hilt of earlier Funcke blade 

Belgian makers mark on an 1866 Chassepot bayonet, Notice pommel differences to the normal 1866 model 

Pommel has different shape than normal Chassepot blades with a sharper beak and  more rounded  back. Although this bayonet has a French serial who was it originally for


Z serials were used to denote bayonets issued without rifles as side arms
Doubled barrel muzzle ring, probably a hunting blade rather than a Franco Prussian war period model but .....


All brass hilt and crossguard, colour is lighter than the normal 1866 hilt. There is signs of verdigris on inside of muzzle ring showing it has some age.


Blade shows 8bre 1868 date but no arsenal marks. Is this a reject chassepot blade re-used


Slot is the un-chamfered Remington style
 Stahelin and Bitschelin made 1866 Jan 1868, with S prefixed French serial on crossguard

German Weyersberg made 1866 with U prefixed serial on crossguard

france 1866 Reeves ricasso marked.jpg (264119 bytes)

1866 with Reeves marked ricasso but no French serial

Daudeteau bayonet, essentially similar to the 1886 Lebel with the addition of a groove down the side of the hilt to accept the cleaning road. This has been fitted with a brass riveted Lebel frog which has had an approved slit in the bottom of the frog to allow it to be used on the Gras.

1874 Gras with muzzle ring filled with brass threaded plug


Stud is permanently fixed as adjustment screw on top of muzzle ring has been riveted


This conversion is to allow the bayonet to be used as an earth for telegraphers, since it no longer fixes to the rifle the telegraphers must have only used it as a sid arm.

Kropatschek bayonet made for France by Steyr in Austria. Similar to the 1874 Gras the back of the handle is straight and not humped, it is also Similar to the Rumanian Peabody but the hilt is shorter. This example has a Gras scabbard as evident from the scabbard serial. The back of the spine appears to have an anchor stamp which is normally seen on the crossguard.

Kropatschek bayonet made by Steyr in Austria (as evident from spine inscription and press stud mark),  This has no serial number on the crossguard and is therefore a stores weapon kept to be marked to match the rifle when replacing a issued blade. The scabbard serial may show scabbard is a correct Kropatschek scabbard as opposed to a Gras one.

FRANCE_1874_Gras.jpg (83935 bytes)

 1874 Gras 

France M1874 Gras .jpg (48406 bytes) M1874 Gras
France M1874 Gras.jpg (45844 bytes) M1874 Gras with cut outs in scabbard (for Scottish highland dancing, cuts allow scabbard and blade to be joined at right angles)
France Lebel.jpg (48447 bytes) M1886 Lebel
France Lebel M1886-93-16.jpg (50633 bytes) M1886/93/16 with quillion removed
1886 leather covered to convert to swagger stick
Professional leather covering
France M1892 Mannlicher Berthier.jpg (52193 bytes) M1892 Mannlicher Berthier



S71 bayonet in brass mounted leather scabbard

added 24/5/03

Matching unit marks on blade and scabbard, blade has 1872 spine acceptance stamp

added 24/5/03

Bavarian Werder bayonet with modified hilt, in brass mounted leather scabbard

added 24/5/03

Rear of pommel shows the grinding used to allow it to mount on a different rifle to original Werder rifle

added 24/5/03

Close up of grinding, a two step grind is also available

added 24/5/03

Makers mark of W&ST  in an arc of Solingen

added 24/5/03

Unit marks on cross guard

added 24/5/03

Leather of scabbard is marked as well, but not legible

added 24/5/03

germany S71 commercial.jpg (60074 bytes) Commercial S71, without fullers and with steel ersatz style scabbard
germany S71 commercial knights head.jpg (83122 bytes) Knights Head makers mark
Germany_1871.jpg (83946 bytes) 1871
Germany M1898.jpg (39852 bytes)

G1898 with original leather scabbard

german g98 chromed.jpg (55778 bytes) G98 with chromed scabbard, pommel and blade 
GERMANY_M98I05_1st_Pattern.jpg (94426 bytes) S98/05 aA without flash guard and with partial muzzle ring
GERMANY_M98I05_1st_Pattern_Grip_damage.jpg (86854 bytes)

close up of grip damage on 98/05 without flash guard 

Germany 1898 05 early type.jpg (47950 bytes) S98/05 aA
Germany M1898 05 witrh sawback late type.jpg (54110 bytes) S98/05 nA S
Germany M1898 05 late type .jpg (49151 bytes) S98/05 nA
Germany M1898 05 late type.jpg (49159 bytes) S98/05 nA

Germany M1898.05 late model.jpg (50572 bytes)

S98/05 nAand blued blade

Germany_98-05_with_sawback_removed.jpg (53497 bytes) 98/05 S abg - sawback removed
Germany_98-05_with_sawback_removed_close_up.jpg (90025 bytes) S98/05 S abg - close up of ground area 
German Ersatz 98 05 non ersatz scabbard.jpg (71140 bytes) 88/98 ersatz with original 98/05 scabbard (EB47)
german 98 05 ersatz hilt narrow fullers.jpg (88137 bytes) 88/98 ersatz 7 groove steel hilt with plain blade with narrow fullers (EB47)
German 98 05 ersatz hilt with parralel blade.jpg (86509 bytes) 88/98 ersatz with Parralel blade
Germany ERsatz Unit marked.jpg (127057 bytes) Ersatz Carter (EB47)
Germany ERsatz Unit marks.jpg (112558 bytes) Unit marks on Ersatz bayonet
German 98 05 with 1920 date.jpg (88115 bytes) 1920 date on cross guard of Weimar republic bayonet
Germany_98-05_with_V_notched_hilt_close_up1.jpg (116771 bytes) S98/05 with V notched hilt used between wars period 
Germany_98-05_with_V_notched_hilt_close_up2.jpg (37579 bytes) S98/05 with V notched hilt used between wars period - showing spring under operative press stud  
GERMANY 98 05 aA TRANSITION WITH SAW AND NO MARKINGS.jpg (81687 bytes) S98/05 aA transitional 
germany 9805 aA transitional scabbard markings.jpg (113352 bytes) Throat markings on aA transitional S98/05 leather scabbard 
GERMANY 98 05 Na TRANSITION WITH SAW.jpg (89348 bytes) S98/05 nA transitional sawback with leather scabbard 
GERMANY ERSATZ WITH FAG SCABBARD.jpg (96262 bytes) Ersatz with FAG scabbard 
GERMANY ERSATZ WITH CLOSE UP FAG SCABBARD.jpg (125105 bytes) Close up of the FAG markings on the scabbard 
german issue 1866 chassepot.jpg (79920 bytes) Re issued French 1866 Chassepot 
german issue 1866 chassepot scabbard mod.jpg (117079 bytes) Chassepot modified scabbard 
Germany Ersatz1.jpg (53189 bytes) Ersatz 
Germany_98-05_with_sawback_removed.jpg (53497 bytes) S98/05 S abg -  sawback removed 
german ersatz in green.jpg (85693 bytes) Ersatz 
german Ersatx 98-05 parrallel.jpg (89261 bytes) Bavarian 1915 Ersatz with leather look scabbard
german Ersatx 98-05 parrallel leather look alike grips.jpg (116256 bytes) Bavarian 1915 Ersatz with leather look scabbard close up 
german Ersatx 98-05 sawback.jpg (51766 bytes) Bavarian 1915 51 tooth sawback in original 98/05 sawback leather scabbard 
german Ersatx 98-05 sawback scabbard marks.jpg (134395 bytes) Unit markings on leather scabbard for Ersatz 98/05 sawback
german Ersatx 98-05 sawback hilt.jpg (69906 bytes) 1915 Ersatz hilt 
German Ersatz EB17.jpg (81505 bytes) Ersatz Carter EB17  
Germany Ersatz EB24.jpg (69129 bytes) Ersatz bayonet - identified as  EB24 by Carter 
germany Ersatz EB47.jpg (90637 bytes) Ersatz Carter EB47
german ersatz museum.jpg (50570 bytes) Ersatz 
Germany Ersatz2.jpg (57041 bytes) Ersatz with different fullers than that above 



Greece 1903 Italian made.jpg (115051 bytes) 1903, with T back blade
Greece 1903 Italian made blade marks.jpg (38093 bytes) Blade showing Italian makers mark, making this the rare version of the blade


1873 Beaumont first pattern converted to later long spring pattern

added 24/5/03

Brass plug fills the original location of the fixing for the original short spring

added 24/5/03

Additional length of spring is evident from moved location of fixing point

added 24/5/03

P Stevens Maastricht makers mark on Ricasso.

added 24/5/03

Obverse ricasso

added 24/5/03

1873 Beaumont Yataghan based on the French 1866

added 24/5/03

A brass collar ahs been moulded to the quillion

added 24/5/03

Crown over JA stamp on ricasso

added 24/5/03

P Stevens of Maastricht makers marks

added 24/5/03

Right hilt has the later pattern long spring, first model had short spring which was modified to the longer spring and the existing holes were filled

added 24/5/03

Left hilt

added 24/5/03

Scabbard on this blade is most likely to be a French 1866 substitution and not the original Dutch model, based on the serial

added 24/5/03

HOLLAND_M1895.jpg (89163 bytes) M1895 
HOLLAND_M1895_markings_closeup.jpg (126621 bytes) M895 close up of markings