Markings on the bayonets for Mosin Nagant rifle



Finish markings



Suomen Armeija– the property of Finish Army


French markings


 State Arms Factory in Chatellerault.


Polish markings


 State Arms Factory in Radom.


Russian and USRR markings


 Imperial Russian Arms Faktory in Sestrojevsk.

 USRR Arms Faktory in Sestrojevsk.

 Imperial Russian Arms Faktory in Tula.

 Imperial Russian Arms Faktory in Izhevsk

 the mark of  strike test


USA markings


 Remington’s mark on bayonets exportem to Russia during WWI

 Westinghouse’ mark on rifles exported to Russia during WWI. The same mark may be on the bayonets but I didn’t find anyone.

"flaming bomb”