Special forces bayonet manufactured just prior to the re unification of the Germany. Only 5000 of these were made and I believe none were issued to troops. Within the pommel is a survival kit containing a magnifying glass, needles, water purification tablets, fishing line, hooks and weights, and matches. The blade has an inclinometer and a measuring scale and the frog a signal mirror. The blade and scaabbards is similar to the normal AKM bayonets but the hilt and frog strap are completely different.

Bayonet came in its original sealed envelope complete with had written serial number on the instruction book

Distinctive new pommel shape and metallic silver frog


permanently fixed to scabbard rather than clipped as normal



Frog is two separate straps with a loop


held by a simple leather strap



protecting a signal mirror

Each bayonet is individually serial numbered


Blade has measurement scale



and inclinometer

Pommel is locked by a protrusion on the hilt


and is a water tight fit


Pommel has leather seal



protecting a length of fishing line

Inside the pommel is a plastic phial


with a cap containing a small powerful magnifying glass (probably for fire starting)

Container contents




Water purification tablets



Fishing hooks,  and weights. As well as two large sewing needles

Booklet with the Bayonet contains instruction on use of all the various additions to the bayonet


  1. By pulling the leather strap from the bottom of the locking device, it can be carried by the scabbard, once it has been closed.

  2. If you undo the velcro you are guaranteed to be able to pull out the blade

  3. The blade can be used as a cutting, sawing and stabbing weapon. Using the fishing line (capsule) the angle measurement (opposition) and the cross tooling device it can be used to measure depth.

  4. The KM87 can be used as a wire cutter by fixing the blade to the cutting base.

  5. The insertion of the bayonet into the scabbard is done in the traditional manner for side arms.

  6. To remove the bayonet, press the button on the end of the hilt.

  7. The tip of the blade can be used as a screwdriver

  8. Unlocking the hilt to left will reveal the capsule. Ensure you keep the capsule and rubbing board protected from damp.

  9. The capsule is opened by pulling off the lid

  1. Most important technical details of the KM 87

  • Blade with hilt

  • Scabbard with Velcro belt