GERMAN 84/98 Notes.

Most of the pictures (unless otherwise noted) are from items in Les Dickens collection. The purpose of this page is to show variations in the 84/98's made in the period 1928 to 1945. Most of these variations are in markings, mixed but matching makers, mixed but matching date combinations and other anomalous appearing marks found on these items. It also shows marine acceptance marks etc. that are often mentioned in the texts but seldom illustrated.


CAN marked scabbards.

In 1944 "CAN" (a subcontract manufacturer) marked scabbards  were used by the makers asw (E.u.F  Hörster) and fnj(Coppel Gmbh).

The asw  CAN scabbards are marked on the frog stud side of the scabbard, the CAN was ground out to a greater or lesser extent and the asw serial stamped in the location of the original CAN marking. from discussions on the BCN forum it would appear that these scabbards appear in the p, t and u blocks of the serial blocks produced meaning they usually appear in the dual dated 43/44 asw range bayonets. There is no way of identifying CAN scabbards except from the grinding marks above the stud and residual CAN marks in this area but grinding on its own is not enough as it may be to correct serial renumbering etc..

The fnj  CAN scabbards are marked on the opposite face of the scabbard to the asw ones, and are usually found clearly marked


CAN made scabbard for  asw  grinding has removed A and partially obscured the C and the N

CAN made scabbard for  asw  grinding has removed all but the A from CAN

oldsmithy collection

CAN made scabbard for  fnj made bayonet, there is no fnj mark on the scabbard nor a date only the serial in the normal location on the frog stud side of the scabbard

oldsmithy collection



In 1941 crs ( P.Weyersberg) made a series of bayonets with Tr marked serials, it is not know why these bayonets are so marked. Some bayonets can be found without the crs makers mark or with it.


oldsmithy collection



There are several documented dual dated bayonet scabbard combinations, with the bayonet and scabbard having matching serials but different dates, the 43/44 asw is probably the best known with around 75,000 probably made. This on