Non Military contract bayonets,



Total length = mm                  Blade length =  Blade width =  MRD = 
  Chinese commercial
Total length = mm                  Blade length = mm              Blade width =  mm              MRD =  mm                           
  Part of a Tart up Kit for the Ruger 22 this is a front rail holder with bayonet mount made by Archangel with a plastic M7 look alike dummy bayonet  
Plastic M9
Total length = mm                  Blade length = mm              Blade width =  mm              MRD =  mm                           

KCMB model for HK with built in adaptor

M9 with Bowie point by Medrano
One of several versions of the "M9" sold under the Smith and Wesson name, these all come from the same source in Taiwan they are just marked to be OEM for different sources
If the seller is to be believed this is a Chinese trainer bayonet complete with rubber blade, and Chinese hilt plate. I believe it is more likely another Chinese fantasy piece, cant see Velcro being military standard to hold a blade on a rifle
Designed to mount on the mount on the front of modern pistols this bayonet must be the smallest ever made that wasn't a minature. Well made but not sure for what purpose, but then I bought it!

Trials blade for US army, has distinctive Tanto style blade and and aside from the M9 style hilt is completely different to the M9 and M11 types

Camillus made bayonet for the XM8 rifle that won the contract to supply the new military rifle to replace the M16 rifle.

The wire cutter found on modern bayonets has been replaced by a separate cutter with a holder in the scabbard. There are two cutters for ribbon and round wire, but no insulation for electrified fences. It can however be used for one of the cutting edges whilst still in the scabbard.

Scabbard has lock for the cutters and a built in sharpening stone.

Extreme Ratio commercial bayonet, beautiful bayonet but very expensive and not used as far as I am aware

Italian made commercial bayonet based loosely on the extreme ratio bayonet. This was being sold in France as for the Foreign Legion and the blade was marked with their marking but this is spurious. Scabbard is amazingly complicated with an attachment system which tied the blade down around the lower thigh and allowed the scabbard (and hence wire cutter) to be removed from the webbing without taking this off

Rubber M9 for the Airsoft range of rifles
Another Extrema Ratio copy, the box on this one lost out to postage from Australia. This has the same emery cloth blade sharpener as my earlier copy.
M10 Commercial
Special Ops scabbard for M9
Airborne ricasso stamps on LanCay commercial M9 
Woodland camouflage version of LanCay M9  
Urban camouflage version of LanCay M9 
Copy of the US M7 bayonet 
Schrade Extreme Survival is a copy of the USMC OK3CS, but no where near as sharp
UAG M9 with a replacement knife hilt of smooth plastic that is carried on the blade. Bayonet has a heavy Rambo style saw back, but is impossible to get out of the scabbard, this is the cheapest made M9 I have seen with screws barely holding on press studs or the very basic frog. The cost of returning it meant I didn't bother
Smith and Wesson laser pattern camouflage M9's in black and natural silver colours
Buck commercial M9 1991
BUCK Commercial
M9 1996
BUCK Commercial
M9 1994
Lan Cay pale grey 
Ontario commercial M9