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 HC.JPG                  14-Feb-2004 12:33    84k  
 alex coppel with fre..> 14-Feb-2004 12:34   157k  
 cc x serial.jpg         14-Feb-2004 12:34   152k  
 cg v serial.jpg         14-Feb-2004 12:34   170k  
 christofle F.jpg        14-Feb-2004 12:35   179k  
 christofle X.jpg        14-Feb-2004 12:35   136k  
 crown C.jpg             14-Feb-2004 12:35   135k  
[DIR] ew/                     23-May-2004 19:35      -  
 f serial.jpg            14-Feb-2004 12:35   165k  
 german marks.jpg        14-Feb-2004 12:36   136k  
 japan chasspeot.jpg     14-Feb-2004 12:36   183k  
 pdl with u serial.jpg   14-Feb-2004 12:36   150k  
 pdl.jpg                 14-Feb-2004 12:36   167k  
 weyersberg chassepot..> 14-Feb-2004 12:37   159k  

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