Japanese Arisaka bayonets come with several different cross guard variations. The changes were made usually to ease production with the "cruder2 ones being made towards the end of the war. However it should be noted that the different arsenals changed their designs at different times, with the larger arsenals never putting the crudest into production.

The "Variation" used in the notes is that from Larry Johnson's book (All pictures/notes courtesy of Juken30)

“H”     Hooked Contoured Quillion

Very early Koishigawa (tokyo) variation “A”  hooked crossguard, note tapered hook with spear point tip, entire hilt, pommel, and guard coated with dark urushi (lacquer)

Variation “C” Kokura, hooked crossguard with diminished taper and diminished spear point tip

Variation “C” Matsushita Kinzoku, hooked crossguard with no taper or spear point tip

Late Jinsen variation “G”, hooked crossguard with no taper and radius tip

“SC”  Straight Contoured Quillion

Mid range Riken variation “B”,  straight crossguard with radius (or rounded) tip, guard is also tapered on grip side

Late Matsushita National variation “M”, straight crossguard with square tip and no taper

“SR”  Straight Rectangular Quillion

Late Toyoda Auto Loom variation “J”,  slab steel guard, no taper

“SRR”    Straight Rectangular Round Quillion

Last production Toyoda Auto Loom variation  “K”  slab steel guard rounded or radius top, no tapers

Navy Special 99 Variation  “O”

Late Anchor Star variation “O”,   1st style guard (included as these are thought to have been issued to Coast Guard, Coast Watch/Millitia)  1st style guard, has slight grip side taper

Late Anchor Star variation “O” (no marking)  2nd style guard, no taper, rough cut