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Engineer Carbine Bayonet, made from a cut down 1875 Remington bayonet with modified muzzle ring



RA marking for Republica Argentina, modifications of ring can be seen in this and the following photograph



Muzzle ring has been replaced by a flat bar



Scabbard is original steel scabbard that has been shortened and the Locket brazed on the shorter steel body. This example has matching numbers

Shortened M1880 Comblain bayonet with brass mounted leather scabbard


Hilt has "Chassepot" rather than "Remington" style slot and muzzle ring cut out, but is still for a Remington rolling block rifle
Alex Coppel makers mark


Very faint A in circle mark on right cross guard indicates Argentine usage
ARGENTINA 1891 CUT DOWN FOR US M1 CARBINE.jpg (91180 bytes)

1891 cut down and modified to fit US M1 Carbine. believed to be for police use


Hilt modifications to allow mounting on US M1 carbine

1935 Looking like a Rumanian 1893 and other blades of that period the only marking is an RA on the pommel
M1 Garand, only modification is the addition of a brass chape



Shaped brass chape



Enlarged muzzle ring to suit Italian BM59 rifle

Argentine made scabbard for the US M1 Garand bayonet



Ross bayonet, provided to the Chileans . The bayonets are part of a contract for 500 for the Royal Navy as shown by the cross guard marks and the distinctive UK pattern scabbard. Scabbard markings would indicate manufacture in 1911. Blade also has a point profile not seen on any other issue Ross

chili 1895.jpg (88186 bytes)Chili ricasso markings.jpg (99766 bytes)

1895 Mauser 


Crossguard and scabbard markings



Ricasso markings on Mauser 



china type 53 folding bayonet.jpg (55201 bytes)

Type 53 folding

china type 56 folding bayonet.jpg (56476 bytes)

Type 56 folding

china ak47 commercial.jpg (69512 bytes)

Commercially produced AK47 bayonet, with red wood grips 

Hilt of Commercial bayonet

AK47.jpg (56089 bytes)

AKM Type 2

The mythical green AK, it takes bright sunlight just to show the item is green, in most light it looks black, it needs glancing bright sunlight to raise the green cast. Side by side with a black in room light it looks the same
AK bayonet collecting is often about minutia, in this case the hilt is held with a brass rivet
China AK47.jpg (57924 bytes)

AKM type 2

T81, must be the bluntest bayonet ever made, as there is no edge on it at all

China T81 M1.jpg (114082 bytes)

T81 modified to fit US M1 Carbine 


Muzzle ring and pommel modifications to fit the M1

Fake paratrooper bayonet, appears to attempt to be a Japanese type 100


Marked with 1917


and US marking


Crude pommel


Scabbard is apparently marked with para wings  over a star, not sure what the markings are meant to represent



Scabbard is also marked with a US-M8 marking. Amazing piece


IMI made bayonet for the Gallil rifle,


IMI marking in hilt slot



Muzzle ring

East German made AKM type I taken form rebels in Colombia



AKM bayonet


Tan frog of Cuban model, basic blade is the north Korean AKM the only modification is the frog



Spain Cetme 1969.jpg (48330 bytes)

1967 Spanish CETME fully parkerised, The Guatemalan hilt has a slant pommel and the Spanish has a straight pommel




Dutch 1895 modified to fit an unknown rifle by the fitting of a new pommel to the existing blade cross guard and tang. New pommel is welded to the original tang.

KCB style bayonet for the M16, with etched blade. The wire cutter attachment on the scabbard has a removable cover.

Locally made version of the US M6 bayonet



Commercially produced M4 bayonet


Ricasso has the KIFFE makers mark and no other acceptance or ordnance marks



Hilt has leather washers and scabbard has a fixed leather frog



Haiti M5.jpg (94237 bytes)Haiti M6 blade amrks.jpg (99217 bytes)



Blade markings

HAITI M6 MARKINGS.jpg (86684 bytes)

US M6 style bayonet made in West Germany 


Close up of scabbard and blade markings 



russia tula ak47 wood grips.jpg (94890 bytes)

AK47 with wood grips 


Wooden grips on AK47



Wooden grips on AK47


North Korean Star markings on wooden gripped AK47  Normally the star is outlined, this one looks more like that for the TULA armoury

north korea ak47.jpg (75422 bytes)

AKM note distinctive blade shape. 



Korea South M5 to M4 conversion.jpg (84541 bytes)Korea South M5 to M4 conversion crossguard.jpg (96705 bytes)Korea South M5 to M4 conversion hilt.jpg (67890 bytes)

M5 converted to M4 


Modified crossguard on M5 to M4 conversion 



Pommel conversion on M5 to M4 conversion 

south Korea M5.jpg (87710 bytes)Korea South Scabbard.jpg (93226 bytes)

M5 conversion of US blade, 


South Korean made US M8 style scabbard, made in metal not fibre goes with M5 bayonet. (many thanks to Chris Hatfield for this). This is the scabbard for the above M5 although they are rarely seen together


south korea m7.jpg (79190 bytes)south korea m7 scabbard and cg marks.jpg (130413 bytes)

Korean made M7 bayonet 


Markings on M7 



No5 with blade ground to depth of fullers, in received condition showing original cosmoline and paper wrapping


After cleaning, flat blade is clearly visible



Side view shows extent of material removal. The reason for this is unknown. Blade is an original UK issue blade with the remains of a 1946 date on ricasso



Poor condition but rare Mexican marking on ricasso

1899 Remington short pattern bayonet


Cross guard marked Republica Mexicana


Remington makers mark in the fuller



Large Mexican frog marking on integral frog.

A 1910 bayonet modified to fir onto a FN FAL, one of two known examples neither of which has grips fitted. It is not known if these are trials pieces or.....

I have tried this on a FAL and it is just short of mounting on the one I had for trials. Bayonet slips over the muzzle brake on the end of the barrel front sits into a dished front ring and locks on by a catch behind the rear ring


1912 bayonet


circle z on ricasso shows blade is Czechoslovak export



Cuban supplied AKM  bayonets were in use in Panama at the time of military action by the US


Cuban AKM used by Panamanian troops



Tan frog (as opposed to original North Korean Green) There are no markings to indicate country of use. Providence is from seller.




czech vz24 unknown.jpg (140983 bytes)czech vz24 unknown hilt mods 2.jpg (105946 bytes)czech vz24 unknown hilt mods.jpg (140564 bytes)

Same size as a VZ24 but with larger pommel and normal edge down blade


Modifications to tang and grips Probably due to damage and subsequent re shaping



modified grips and serial on the frog stud, which is the only marking




Phillipne M7.jpg (81682 bytes)Phillipne M7 scabbard.jpg (95881 bytes)



Scabbard markings showing Philippine manufacture




Late pattern AK47


Cross guard arrow in triangle of Iveshk arsenal



Same marks on tang

Russia AKM1 made by Tula.jpg (81485 bytes)

AKM type 1 produced by Tula, the Tula stamp (outline star) is on the small stud behind the muzzle ring.

russia AKM2.jpg (81913 bytes)russia AKM2 Iveshk manufacturing mark.jpg (108500 bytes)

Iveshk produced AKM type 2  


Iveshk stamp (arrow in triangle) stamp moulded in scabbard and partially stamped onto crossguard 


Poland AK47.jpg (60181 bytes)

AKM Type 2 with early East German hanger (identified by Brian)

Russia AK74 dark plum.jpg (76874 bytes)

AK74 with dark "plum" composite grips and scabbard



unknown m1 garand.jpg (90750 bytes)unknown m1 garand markings.jpg (102396 bytes)

M1 Garand  


Markings on the M1 Garand 



1896 Mauser with additional "hole" to improve location of blade in scabbard
1896 Mauser  


Japanese style grip rivets and normal ricasso script



Indent on throat mean that the blade can be fitted to the rifle in the scabbard

Thailand Siamese amuser.jpg (51665 bytes)

Siamese Mauser



US dalgren.jpg (57803 bytes)

Dahlgren bayonet for Naval M1861 rifle

USA Remington No5.jpg (84227 bytes)USA Remington No5 Fuller stamp.jpg (107538 bytes)

Remington No 5 bayonet


Fuller markings on No5

Remington No5 export blade, used by Russia and several South American and Caribbean countries, non of which marked their blades. Mexican used blades are typically marked to show their Mexican origin


Period repair to frog, throat of scabbard  is missing, Remington made scabbards are screwed, Winchester made scabbards are riveted.



Modified and chromed US 1899

US issue MkI Canadian ROSS bayonet Both scabbard and hilt are marked with US flaming bomb mark


Early Canadian Pattern marks on pommel



Slightly distorted muzzle ring still contains original anti-rattle spring, later dropped from the type


Scabbard shows Canadian acceptance marks and 1916 makers dates

US M1 1943 also 1905E1 center grind.jpg (56980 bytes)

M1 1943, also known as 1905E1 for Garand with central grind

US M1 1943 also 1905E1 off center grind.jpg (55759 bytes)

M1 1943, also known as 1905E1 for Garand with offset grinding to blade

US garand.jpg (102474 bytes)

M1 for Garand

US M4.jpg (60329 bytes)


US M5.jpg (60816 bytes)


US desert storm issue.jpg (106775 bytes)

M7 Desert storm issue

After the bankruptcy of the MILPAR company the remaining parts from the manufacture of the US M7 bayonet were finished and sold onto the commercial market as knives with various pommel plates and crossguard. These are often (as in this case) sold as rare experimental knife bayonets for use in Viet Nam

These are again often sold as "rare" development blades from the Viet Nam period to us the bayonet as a knife, it is however bankrupt stock sold off, these are often seen in a leather scabbard for civilian use

us m9 bcn general 2.jpg (341082 bytes)us m9 bcn general.jpg (324967 bytes)us m9 BCN pouch.jpg (352674 bytes)us m9 bcn ricasso 2.jpg (186030 bytes)us m9 bcn ricasso.jpg (175657 bytes)US m9 paperwork.jpg (314301 bytes)

One of 75 M9 bayonets made to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Bayonet Collectors Network (BCN). Made by original manufacturer with a custom cut logo


Bayonet uses the latest ergonomic grips and not the early circular hilt of the first M9's


Custom stitched pouch with BCN name



BCN log and Xth anniversary mark


Made by Lan-Cay 



Even comes with notes added to issue M9 bayonets

us m11 general.jpg (319347 bytes)us m11 blade with pouch.jpg (244654 bytes)us m11 blade.jpg (207991 bytes)us m11 pouch front.jpg (308541 bytes)us m11 pouch.jpg (279028 bytes)us m11 knucks.jpg (355438 bytes)us m11 quick release.jpg (250848 bytes)

M11 EOD (explosives, ordinance, demolition) knife made by Lan-Cay, fitted with after market aluminium knuckle duster grips


Part of the M11 package is a large utility pouch attached to the scabbard


blade markings



quick open pouch holds primer crimp tool, Gerber multipurpose tool and mag litre


pouch is substantial


After market knuckles replaced original handle, reputedly made for issue to USMC but these are not official issue



quick release buckle attaches scabbard to the belt

Ontario made bayonet for the US marines, having a composite scabbard.


USMC moulded into the hilt



other side has USMC Eagle, Globe and Anchor


unlike the M9 this blade has no wire cutter or sawback, rather it has a serrated area immediately in front of the crossguard. the blade is very sharp from the factory on both edges


makers mark



Early production LanCay M9


LanCay mark, other variations of the marking exist LANCAY, LAN-CAY etc. these help identify period of manufacture



Later serrations have rounded base to serration


Early scabbards had built in sharpening stone


Scabbard shows large differences from later ones, with a double set of tie down areas, and the lack of a textured grip area when using as wire cutter



This blade came with original 1994 issue storage bag.





Parris trainer rubber bayonet


Hilt markings on PARRIS trainer blade





1937 model bayonet, a Czech VZ24 with downward facing blade


Only marking on bayonet is a sunburst on the cross guard and serial number on pommel end, the frog stud has the CSZ mark and matching numbers The 937 relates to the 1937 model number. ID courtesy of Gerard with thanks

Identified in Carter's Vol III of German bayonets as an Ersatz bayonet made form the Belgian Garde Civic bayonet for the 1888 Rifle, later research identified this as a Uruguayan contract bayonet.


This ID was through the lack of Belgian acceptance marks and the atypical cross guard serial


Muzzle ring has been dished to fit securely on the 88 rifle



SVT 38 in poor condition, blade is in un-cleaned condition
Comparison of the SVT 38 and 40 bayonets
SVT 40 with edge down blade



Makers mark on SVT40



Makers Stamp (?) on scabbard


Scabbard on blade has four rivets holding leather frog and no ball finial on the end of the scabbard

SVT40 comes in edge down (common) and edge up (scarce) variations
Edge up SVT40 is missing press stud



Maker stamp on scabbard, scabbard has web frog and has a ball finial.


Makers stamps on SVT 40 Star is Tula arsenal stamp

Early AKM Type II



Iveshk makers mark with 3 digit serial number


A German 84/98 fitted with a French 1886 Lebel handle



E Pack & Son 1938 made blade in matching scabbard with matching numbers. The Lebel handle has been fitted to a narrowed tang. The conversion is not recent with  oxidation of materials all being of similar age


Scabbard markings show it to be a E Pack & Son made scabbard



with matching serial numbers


Frog that came with the bayonet is apparently an Italian made one (signs of where the conversion was done maybe?)
AR18.jpg (66718 bytes)

AR18 bayonet that has seen obvious use but who by ?

Home made 84-98.jpg (100075 bytes)Home made 84-98 hilt.jpg (123925 bytes)

Home made 84/98 look alike why would anyone make such a cheap blade to buy. Scabbard looks like German Dress scabbard in excellent condition 


Hilt of home made 84/98 

unknown Austrian 1888 blade Rumanian handle.jpg (83661 bytes)

Austrian 1888 style blade with 1904 Rumanian handle and new Cross guard


Close up of Cross guard



1900 modified by removal of curved quillion and enlarging of muzzle ring


No makers or inspection marks are on the blade


Just a cross guard serial number

Belgian long export.jpg (70041 bytes)

1900 modified by removal of curved quillion