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egypt FN 1949.jpg (26863 bytes)

1949 FN made by Belgium 

egypt fn 1949 hilt markings.jpg (127438 bytes)

Hilt markings on FN blade 

Egypt.jpg (63359 bytes)

Hakim as Swedish Mauser with wooden grips

AKM type II made by the MAADI factory in Egypt showing the distinctive chocolate brown grips


Matching numbers and milk chocolate grips



Items identified as of Ethiopian origin by seller, other items sold at the same time were a Cuban AKM, US M1 and M5

Long SKS bayonet that is normally permanently fixed to the rifle


Ex Italian 1891 Carcano scabbard. It is not know if this was carried like this or had been mated with the scabbard to sell, as Ethiopia was an Italian run Country pre WWII.

Czech VZ24 with added throat piece to allow carry on US style webbing


New throat is just brazed into place, original frog stud ahs been left in place.



G3 bayonet with distinctive web frog






Distinctive web frog with brass ringed hole



Very rough sharpening to the blade



Late production East German AK47 with Silver grey nylon web frog. Bayonet is reputedly a Kuwait pick up and came with an Iraqi ammunition pouch

added 22/11/02

Vibro Etched number on crossguard, and scabbard details

added 22/11/02

New contract AK74 bayonet for the post Saddam Iraqi army, 40,000 were ordered from Bulgaria with a distinctive black web hanger. This is one of the excess blades bought from Bulgaria, so not strictly Iraqi, but placed here as that is who the contract is for.

Iraq Polish AKM type 2.jpg (84172 bytes) Polish AKM type 2 captured in Desert Storm, only modification is white web hanger 

Another Vet bring back Iraqi used AKM type I, it has remains of white painted serial on the handle. Many of these are missing the rubber scabbard insulator, the significance of this is unknown

added 8/11/02



When founded after WWII the Israeli military bought  (obtained) a lot of military equipment via Czechoslovakia. This included ex German 84/98 bayonets that the Israelis modified by the addition of muzzle rings, leading to Israeli marked bayonets still with their original WWII German markings. The local Kibbutz's also made a copy of the 84/98 which can be identified by the prolific Hebrew inscriptions, the lack of the German markings and the poorer quality of the manufacture.

isralei converted mauser.jpg (120389 bytes) M1949 converted from a German 98k bayonet 
isralei converted mauser cross guard mad.jpg (75471 bytes) Muzzle ring added to German Mauser 
1949 German 84/98 Clone made from locally sourced materials, Israel also used German issue 84/98's with added muzzle rings (see under Israel)


Ricasso markings in Hebrew show 49 model/date. Blade is made from recycled rail track and is crudely made, shape is not the same as the German 84/98 although grips etc. are copies


Frog stud has Star of David and Army acceptance marks


Pommel has serial number

M49 model with knuckle bow between cross guard and pommel. This one is interesting in that it has wooden grips, most of this pattern M49 seem to have composite grips. Aging of bow and other metals are similar so modification is probably period.

Yugoslavian VZ24 used by Israeli forces
Army acceptance marks

Czechoslovak VZ24 with Israeli army acceptance marks on crossguard and frog stud. Israel bought large numbers of weapons from Czechoslovakia during the original 1949 war of independence

Belgian Export bayonet modified for Israeli use
Army acceptance mark on Belgian blade
ISRAEL_No6.jpg (75830 bytes)




Polish made
Rumanian Made



KCB variant made by Karl Eickhorn during the first Iraqi war. This one is bankrupt stock from Eickhorn and not from Saudi but is the same as the ones issued to them to fit on Mauser k98 rifles. Also availability in a green colour



Sudan AR10.jpg (84949 bytes) AR10  based on the WWII German SG42, these blades were made by Interamco in the 60's specifically for the Sudanese. There are slight variations available in this blade
sudan ar10 multi tool in handle.jpg (82794 bytes) Multi-tool in handle of AR10 
Tool kit
sudan ar10 multitool and handle socket.jpg (84661 bytes) Opened tool with socket in handle "Blades" on tool, obviously for repair work - as there is no "blade" like WWII German one - except corkscrew and bottle opener 



Zimbabwe AKM1.jpg (77041 bytes) AKM type 1
Zimbabwe AKM2.jpg (79407 bytes) AKM type 2