Knife Bayonets

For sorting purposes I have chosen Bayonets with below 12" blades to be classed as "Knife" 

For speed purposes I've split the list into 7 separate pages


1)    Germany + Austria

2)    United Kingdom + Commonwealth

Australia, Canada, India, Malaya, Nepal, New Zealand,  Pakistan, South Africa,  United Kingdom

3)   Western  Europe

Belgium,   Denmark, East Germany,  Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg,  Netherlands, Norway, Portugal,  Spain, Sweden,  Switzerland

4)    Eastern Europe

Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Kosovo, Poland, Rumania, Serbia, Slovakia,  Yugoslavia

5)   Middle East and Africa

Egypt, Ethiopia, Lebanon,  Iraq, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Sudan,

6)   Turkey


7)    Others

Argentina, Chilli, China, Colombia, Guatemala  Haiti,  Indonesia, Japan, Korea (North), Korea (South), Mexico, Nepal, Panama, Siam,  Taiwan, Unknown,  USA, USSR

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