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Ostsee and Nordsee property marked bayonets 98k.

By serial numbers researches of bayonets 98k, were at the same time looked for any other interesting markings on bayonets. One of these are markings, well known as property markings of one branch of "Wehrmacht" - the Navy "die Kriegsmarine"(KM). Probably, when their got carbines K98k with bayonets from manufacturers to own deposits, they marked the rifles and bayonets with own property markings. Then were the equipment distributed to KM units and ships. While the activity of Kriegsmarine was zoned to areas - to Nordsee and Ostsee area, the same schema were probably used by markings on rifles and bayonets. Typical form of marking was - "prefix letter (that stand for Nordsee or Ostsee), followed by digits from 1 up to 5 places and could be followed with a suffix letter ". This means, that the standard KM marking was in form  "N.xxxx ?" or "O.xxxx ?". These markings were stamped on buttstock disks on carbines K98k and on reverse crossguard of bayonet and reverse side of scabbard body. Bayonets were probably ordered in bunches from the rifle producers, in different  KM contracts. From this is clear, that could exist bayonets produced from the same firm, with the same date and in same series that have a close KM property serial numbers. We can make any conclusions from serial numbers, but the estimate of how were produced could be not realised correctly, while many other equipment were marked in same ranges of property markings like small firearms, knives, optics and others.
In dbase were gathered about 250 pieces of bayonets 98k. Thanks to members, that have participated on this research.
The pictures are used only for illustration purpose and are from members of BCN and EBay. When any of the member, that have a picture here, will not publish it on this page, please send me a message, I will then remove the photo or link.

        Ostsee property marked bayonets:

    1. Samples of KM marking in form " O. xxxx ", without suffix were found in three bunches, we don't know how were this bunches cut through :
- first group are bayonets produced by Weyersberg and Kirschbaum Company, Solingen, that used logo W.u.K , ordered from Reichswehr in period 1927-30  in range  O.1500 - O.5000, mixed with any older refurbished pieces, that comes from period WW1 or later  - SG84/98 II.model, but with the same mentioned KM marking, and on SG98/05 bayonets , mainly accepted and reworked with 1920 stamp, for using as Reichswehr property, but produced in period of WW1. In this range of property numbers exist many samples that were stamped on firearms delivered to KM, many Lugers and Mauser pistols were so marked.
By previous mentioned WuK production from 1927-30, exist a opinion, that these samples were KM marked later in 1934-36 period as a part of KM marking with other bunches - first production marked with numeral codes, while not exist any samples with the same numbers from first and later bunches, we need more samples to confirm this.
- other bunch are S/ numeral coded bayonets, dated  K for 1934 or G  for 1935, and  few from Horster commercial production, marked with letter H with sword and accepted with Eagle/49 stamp, probably from time period 1933 - 36,  all in range O.200 to O.12000 ,continued with bayonets made in 1937 - 40, marked with full name and in range of KM serials O.12000 - O.35000, KM marking was added to any reworked M39 polish bayonets , that was adopted after Polish occupation in September 1939 and destined for KM. Unfortunately we have great gap between O.24000 and O.34000, in that no samples were confirmed.
- latest known bunch with numbers with new fonts of digits - O.200 - O.5000, on early war produced bayonets,- ,1939,1940, 41cof and 42asw , probably the 1942 was the last year for stamping with the property numbers of KM, these must be heavily examined, while exist a possibility, that KM marking were applied in post-war period.

Pictures of  this type of markings from left to right:  Nr.1. W.u.K., 1927, O.4479, bayonet with unmarked scabbard, M with anchor on spine, EBay
                                                                             Nr.2. S/172, 1940, O.34119, matching piece, unknown BCN member
                                                                             Nr.3. Mundlos, 1938, O.11810, matching piece, MW collection
                                                                             Nr.4. Horster commercial marking, O.9766, matching piece, MW collection
                                                                             Nr.5. 41cof, O.532, only bayonet, EBay ?

    2. KM  Ostsee markings, with suffix letter P next to standard marking " O. xxxx P", mainly was this found with P letter in upper case form
- one bunch are reworked older bayonets  from period of WW1 and from 1927 - 30 period W.u.K. production in ranges O.20p - O.1800p
- in period 1938-39 exist  bunch of bayonets marked  O.1800P- O.8000P , made from various firms .

The picture are here as follows : Nr.1 - E.Pack &S.,1938 , 4010a,O.5303P, match , MW collection
                                                 Nr.2 - WKC 1937, scabbard, ? serial numbers, EBay?

    3. The best described type of marking from Ostsee area  in our database is marked with suffix letter K  - " O.xxxx k"
- one bunch of serials is probably manufactured from firm WKC , that used W.u.K as maker logo, dated from 1927-30 about 2500 pieces - this looks, like marking of this types was realised in same time on the same quantity of W.u.K marked bayonets, produced in period 1927-1930 ( known examples are marked O.xxxx, O.xxxP and O.xxxxK)
- other bunch is really good described from 1934 -1940, with many various makers in range from O.1500k - O.5000k  in period to 1937 with firms , marked with S/ numeral codes instead of full maker name, that was used later in period 1937 - 40 and was marked in next range of KM serials O.5000 k  - O.36000 k .
A conclusion can be made, that KM markings was realised mainly on Wehrmacht WaA accepted pieces of  98k bayonets, that comes in a bunches from various firms in period between 1927-1942 and KM numbers are stamped on this with no any dependence on serial numbers of bayonets and scabbards (with exception of older, reworked bayonets SG98/05 or later captured polish Wz.28 bayonets ). Later marked bayonets was marked in bunch as first (with lower KM number)  as previous manufactured piece, thats confirm a delivering in bunches ,sample from dbase: Coppel 40, sn. 9589 , O.30486k and previous serial number have a higher KM property number Coppel 39 ,sn.8372j,  O.31408k
To make any other conclusions on first two mentioned types of  Ostsee marking - O.xxxxp and O.xxxx, is compiled small quantity of samples, we need more information.

Pictures of O.xxxk are from left to right   Nr.1 :  S.238 G, O.192k, matching piece, MW collection
                                                              Nr.2.:  S.238 G, O.600k, only scabbard,
                                                              Nr.3 :  F.W.Holler, 1938, O.15781k, matching piece, MW collection
                                                              Nr.4.:  P.Weyersberg, 1940, O.23621k, matching piece, EBay

Exist a possibility that more variations of this markings were stamped. One sample were examined with other suffix letter, it is sample of older SG84/98 nA bayonet, that was stamped with " O.57 b ", but without other similar pieces, could be not confirmed the new string of serials, so we will wait for more information in future.

        Nordsee property marked bayonets:

The Nordsee type of marking exist in more like 3 basic types of marking, like by  Ostsee markings
    1. Basic stamping is in form without letter behind digits  - " N.xxxx ", exist samples that have the letter N stamped in capital font like by letter O, or in script font. To this still exist various explanation, further research is needed.
- bunch of  "W.u.K" marked bayonets from period 1927-30, in range to N.3000, the N letter is normal capital  font, many other firearms were marked in this range, Luger, Mauser pistols, signal pistol and diver knives
- other bunch is marked with  S/ numeral codes from period 1934 - 37 and commercial production, in range N.5000 - N.10000
- bunch made from period 1937-41 with full name maker logos and letter codes, that was KM stamped in range N.3000 - N.8000, here exist samples, that N letter is stamped in capital font and not in script font,
- bunch with script letter N in front, but exist only one sample and we have assumed is probably a fake.

Pictures from left to right:  Nr.1 :  WuK ??, N1891, matched
                                        Nr.2.:  WKC, 1938, N.3227, matching piece, MC collection ?
                                        Nr.3 Horster commercial scabbard,193?, N.7223, EBay
                                        Nr.4.:  W.u.K, ? date 27-30 ,N.981, Su/25 proof, bayonet, LS collection.

    2.  Other type of Nordsee KM marking is stamped in form of  " N.xxxx P " , in this order exist both types of  N letter stamping - in capital and script font
- with this marking is stamped one bunch of bayonets SG84/98 II. variants, refurbished  in 20-ies, older SG98/05 bayonets and a 1927-30 production of W.u.K firm for Reichswehr,  numbers are in range up to N.1000 P,
- similar marking on various older reworked bayonets mainly SG98/05nA, but with prefix N in script font in range up to N.500P
- large bunch of reworked older SG98/05 were marked with prefix letter N stamped in script font.
- next bunch of numbers are realised on bayonets, marked in period 1937 - 40 , in range N.1000 P to N.5000 P
From this type of marking are presented very small numbers of samples in dbase, so must be wait for more serials, to made any conclusions.

Pictures from  left to right :   Nr.1: W.u.K.,? date 1927-30,  N.204 P, bayonet, LS collection.
                                           Nr.2:  S.238G, N1777P,7859d, bayonet
                                           Nr.3: Jos.Corts Sn.,1938,4377 l, bayonet GA collection
                                           Nr.4: bayonet SG 98/05, weimar period rework, N.388 P, JS collection ?

    3. Well known type of marking is in form " N.xxxx k ", from this variation exist many samples in our database. The form of prefix N letter was only in script font.
- first bunch is dated prior 1937, and realised on S/ numeral coded bayonets in range to N.4000 k
- well described with collectors items, is the range of N.4000 k to N.26000 k numbers, that was realised with bayonets produced in period 1937 - 1940. Any parts of this series are marked with a different producer firm in a close serial numbers .
By choice of firm for contract probably were looked for quality of finish or to other unknown sightpoints.

 Pictures from left to right :   Nr.1.:  WKC, 1938, N.4714k, matching piece, EBay
                                           Nr.2.:  Jos.Corts Sn., 1938, N.14104k, scabbard
                                           Nr.3.:  Carl Eickhorn, 1938,  N.8042k, 2397 n, matching piece, unknown BCN member
                                           Nr.4.:  Coppel GmbH, 39, N.20201k on bayonet, N.23773k on scabbard, that is marked Coppel GmbH 1940., JS collection

    4. Other type of Nordsee KM are very scarce and exist only in few samples, from this a good estimate to made is hard. Basic marking is  followed by other letters like in previous mentioned "k" or "p", in this case with letter "a"  - " N.xxxx a ":
Only one sample is known and  this have a  " N.11287 a " and was made from maker with numeral code S/176 in G coded year of production - 1935.

    5. Type of navy marking with letter "b" followed to KM Nordsee basic marking   " N.xxxx b  ".
One sample was produced by firm W.u.K. in 1927, marked with " N.1370 b " - PS or JS collection

    6. Type of  property marking followed with letter "c" next to basic KM Nordsee marking  - "N.xxxx c ":
Exist few pieces in range of N.200c to N.2378.c on bayonets produced in period 1937 - 40.

Picture - scabbard, produced by S.178 -Gebr.Heller, Marienthal, in 1936 with nice N.1522.c KM marking, EBay ?

Other types of marking with other letters followed on end of Nordsee marking can be exist, but we have not any evidence of this.

Resume :
Property numbers are stamped without any dependence on origin serial numbers of bayonets and scabbards. Matching property KM markings should be found on correctly matched bayonet and scabbard pieces. Only by later reworks, could be find any reserialed parts.
KM property marked bayonets was marked in bunches of bayonets from various makers, with using of various type of KM marking - Ostsee or Nordsee, independently from maker or origin serial numbers.
KM numbers are stamped on other types of bayonets - older reworked SG98/05 and SG84/98 II. variants from Reichswehr period of 20.-ies and early 30.-ies and on captured or reworked bayonets, mainly polish Wz.28 reworked to use on 98k Mauser rifles in period 1939 and 1940. The KM property markings could be found on firearms and other equipment used by Kriegsmarine.

By any suggestions, opinions or any new samples, please send this directly to my email address .
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