Wanted Blades

I'm going to use this page to identify some of the blades on my want list, these are not all super rare or expensive blades (I want them as well). Rather it is the less common variants of common blades in the main, and usually this is only due to the limited selection I have access too in Scotland.  It will be obvious that there are three main lines of collection, UK, AK variations and Turkish blades. Plus any blade for countries I currently do not hold blades for. My bayonet listing cross index currently runs to over 4000 blades (not including separate makers, and all variations), of which I have I have around 900 so the full want list is huge, but unlikely to ever be filled.


Variants of Indian 1907 that I do not have (mostly without false edge)

UK No6 and No8

Turkish reworks of 1907's

UK Sterling Marked No5

South Africa 1913 

1888's with Commercial makers marks, ONTEX, Braedlin and William Ford  etc.

Danish issue 1913/1917 - the M57 model

Irish Rumanian 1904

Indian Conversion of P14 to P1907 configuration (low muzzle ring)

Afghan 1888 long version

Belgian Terssen 


South African 1888


German steel scabbarded 1907

German 84/98 made by S/174, S/176, S/240, S/241, &Berg Co, Frederick Herder & Son

German Weimar 84/98 with 1920 date stamp

German Sneak with muzzle ring

French 1866 German reworks with modified handles

Chillean M35

German S98 sawback

Brazilian M35

German WWI reworks of allied blades

Chinese contract 84/98

Turkish 1887

Hungarian 1935, both NCO variations

Turkish 1890 - full length, in leather and steel

Chilean marked Ross

Turkish G3

British Navy contract Ross

Turkish modified blades not currently held

Italian Truppe Special Scabbard

Turkish Peabody - full length with scabbard

UK 1888 Scabbards, especially the Naval Pattern

Holland AR10 - stepped muzzle ring variant and long pommel normal crossguard version

Iraqi made AKM

Italian Ersatz variations I do not have

Russian AK74 - Light Plum and Black

LanCay M9 in blue, clear, M11LW

Chinese AKM with wire cutter (US commercial)


Grenada AKM


East German AKM trainers


East German KM 87 with tool kit


West German KCB for AKM, Gallil, G3, SIG and Mauser


Any AK pattern blade with providence for other countries, Vietnam, Libya, Angola, Grenada....... or other variations  I do not have

Any blades for following countries or other countries I do not have

Polish AK47


Polish reworks of German blades


Polish Reworks of French blades


Yugoslav and Polish 98/05's  


Austrian 1888, NCO and normal


CRS marked Austrian 1895 for Czech use 1918-22, also ZP and any others


Italian Version of UK No9


Taiwanese M16 - long blade   


US Krag (have scabbard)

and any others

This is by no means exhaustive, and in most cases represent blades that I could have had if I'd more money to bid on EBAY