Sword Bayonets G-J

 Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan

For sorting purposes I have chosen Bayonets with above  12" blades to be classed as "Sword"

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last updated 26/05/03


Bavarian 1855 border guards bayonet, many texts identify this as an unknown item, but accepted identification now is the border guards.


Very pronounced beaked pommel



Alex Coppel makers mark

FP made S14

S71 bayonet in brass mounted leather scabbard


Matching unit marks on blade and scabbard, blade has 1872 spine acceptance stamp
Bavarian Werder bayonet with modified hilt, in brass mounted leather scabbard


Rear of pommel shows the grinding used to allow it to mount on a different rifle to original Werder rifle



Close up of grinding, a two step grind is also available



Makers mark of W&ST  in an arc of Solingen



Unit marks on cross guard


Leather of scabbard is marked as well, but not legible
germany S71 commercial.jpg (60074 bytes)germany S71 commercial knights head.jpg (83122 bytes) Commercial S71, without fullers and with steel ersatz style scabbard


Knights Head makers mark

Germany_1871.jpg (83946 bytes) 1871
Germany M1898.jpg (39852 bytes)

G1898 with original leather scabbard

german g98 chromed.jpg (55778 bytes) G98 with chromed scabbard, pommel and blade 
K98 second pattern dated 1905



1905 date stamp on the spine


Pommel inspection stamps


Two piece grips instead of earlier single piece wrap around grips


Ersatz steel replacement scabbard
71/98 a re-hilted 1861 to fit the 1898 rifle


1898 style hilt fitted to the 1861 blade


Luneschloss makers mark on ricasso


Original 1861 date mark
98/05 aA mS, early version made in 1906 with original scabbard and frog


Early point did not have a false edge, these were often ground on later as in this case


Markings are for the Wurttenberg Pioneer battalion, the smallest German state they only had the one pioneer battalion. Scabbard is marked to 2 rather than 3 so is not matching but from the same unit.


Frog is marked to the 13th Battalion as well so is original frog although 1914 dated


GERMANY_M98I05_1st_Pattern.jpg (94426 bytes)GERMANY_M98I05_1st_Pattern_Grip_damage.jpg (86854 bytes) S98/05 aA without flash guard and with partial muzzle ring


close up of grip damage on 98/05 without flash guard 

Germany 1898 05 early type.jpg (47950 bytes) S98/05 aA
Germany M1898 05 witrh sawback late type.jpg (54110 bytes) S98/05 nA S
Germany M1898 05 late type .jpg (49151 bytes) S98/05 nA
Germany M1898 05 late type.jpg (49159 bytes) S98/05 nA

Germany M1898.05 late model.jpg (50572 bytes)

S98/05 nA and blued blade

Germany_98-05_with_sawback_removed.jpg (53497 bytes)Germany_98-05_with_sawback_removed_close_up.jpg (90025 bytes) 98/05 S abg - sawback removed


S98/05 S abg - close up of ground area 

Teeth start further from the cross guard than the true 98/05 bayonet


Ersatz scabbard has separate locket similar to the one on the leather and steel scabbard


Back of scabbard shows the weld seem.


1860 with broken blade, most of these were later converted to the 71/98 by fitting a S98 style hilt to the pipeback blade. Grooved "front" to grip



Plain back to the hilt.



Cross guard serial E ?? 198



Blade has  been bent and broken before the pipe back
German Ersatz 98 05 non ersatz scabbard.jpg (71140 bytes) 88/98 ersatz with original 98/05 scabbard (EB47)
german 98 05 ersatz hilt narrow fullers.jpg (88137 bytes) 88/98 ersatz 7 groove steel hilt with plain blade with narrow fullers (EB47)
German 98 05 ersatz hilt with parralel blade.jpg (86509 bytes) 88/98 ersatz with Parallel blade
Germany ERsatz Unit marked.jpg (127057 bytes)Germany ERsatz Unit marks.jpg (112558 bytes) Ersatz Carter (EB47)

Unit marks on Ersatz bayonet

German 98 05 with 1920 date.jpg (88115 bytes)Germany_98-05_with_V_notched_hilt_close_up1.jpg (116771 bytes)Germany_98-05_with_V_notched_hilt_close_up2.jpg (37579 bytes) 1920 date on cross guard of Weimar republic bayonet


S98/05 with V notched hilt used between wars period 


S98/05 with V notched hilt used between wars period - showing spring under operative press stud  
GERMANY 98 05 aA TRANSITION WITH SAW AND NO MARKINGS.jpg (81687 bytes)germany 9805 aA transitional scabbard markings.jpg (113352 bytes) S98/05 aA transitional 


Throat markings on aA transitional S98/05 leather scabbard 

GERMANY 98 05 Na TRANSITION WITH SAW.jpg (89348 bytes) S98/05 nA transitional sawback with leather scabbard 
GERMANY ERSATZ WITH FAG SCABBARD.jpg (96262 bytes) Ersatz with FAG scabbard 
GERMANY ERSATZ WITH CLOSE UP FAG SCABBARD.jpg (125105 bytes) Close up of the FAG markings on the scabbard 
german issue 1866 chassepot.jpg (79920 bytes) Re issued French 1866 Chassepot 
german issue 1866 chassepot scabbard mod.jpg (117079 bytes) Chassepot modified scabbard 
Germany Ersatz1.jpg (53189 bytes) Ersatz 
Germany_98-05_with_sawback_removed.jpg (53497 bytes) S98/05 S abg -  sawback removed 
german ersatz in green.jpg (85693 bytes) Ersatz 
german Ersatx 98-05 parrallel.jpg (89261 bytes) Bavarian 1915 Ersatz with leather look scabbard
german Ersatx 98-05 parrallel leather look alike grips.jpg (116256 bytes) Bavarian 1915 Ersatz with leather look scabbard close up 
german Ersatx 98-05 sawback.jpg (51766 bytes) Bavarian 1915 51 tooth sawback in original 98/05 sawback leather scabbard 
german Ersatx 98-05 sawback scabbard marks.jpg (134395 bytes) Unit markings on leather scabbard for Ersatz 98/05 sawback
german Ersatx 98-05 sawback hilt.jpg (69906 bytes) 1915 Ersatz hilt 
German Ersatz EB17.jpg (81505 bytes) Ersatz Carter EB17  
Germany Ersatz EB24.jpg (69129 bytes) Ersatz bayonet - identified as  EB24 by Carter 
germany Ersatz EB47.jpg (90637 bytes) Ersatz Carter EB47
german ersatz museum.jpg (50570 bytes) Ersatz 
Germany Ersatz2.jpg (57041 bytes) Ersatz with different fullers than that above 



Greece 1903 Italian made.jpg (115051 bytes) 1903, with T back blade
Greece 1903 Italian made blade marks.jpg (38093 bytes) Blade showing Italian makers mark, making this the rare version of the blade


1873 Beaumont first pattern converted to later long spring pattern


Brass plug fills the original location of the fixing for the original short spring


Additional length of spring is evident from moved location of fixing point



P Stevens Maastricht makers mark on Ricasso.


Obverse ricasso


1895 Artillery, this version of the Mannlicher bayonet were issued to Fortress Artillery, Engineers and Torpedo men(?)


Near mint hilt


Frog is clearly marked on both sides





Distinctive pommel






added 5-4-04


1895 Cavalry with original scabbard


Distinctive pommel of the 1895 model blades, normal ones have a T backed blade



Hembrug makers marking

added 30/11/03

HOLLAND_M1895.jpg (89163 bytes)HOLLAND_M1895_markings_closeup.jpg (126621 bytes) M1895 


M895 close up of markings 



An example of the 1935 bayonet with a sight mounted to the top of the muzzle ring although the sight is missing on this example

1935 NCO with quillion

1935 Cavalry NCO, with sight and quillion


1935 Infantry, has a distinctive cross shaped blade


round hilt has flat sides



Ireland Gras hilt.jpg (59174 bytes)Ireland Gras hilt mod.jpg (46555 bytes)Ireland Gras stud mod.jpg (51577 bytes)

Gras modified for UVF (Ulster Volunteer Force) for GEW 88 during rebellion 


Shaved hilt of Gras



Lock stud extension to allow blade to lock on weapon other than for which it was originally made.

A French Gras modified to fit the Vertelli rifle as supplied to the UVF - along with similar bayonets modified to fit the GEW88


Rivets have been ground flush after refitting grips after plating





Slot shows evidence of having been mounted on a rifle several times and is thought to be a honour guard blade rather than a dress blade


St Etienne 1876 manufacture



Original 1870 with hooked cross guard, missing the press stud, but a very uncommon item with the brass guard

1871 same as the 1870 but with horn grips, this one does not have the notch on the crossguard

comparison of the 1870 and the 1871 



Murato 18, missing grips and pommel lock. Still has chrysanthemum  (Mum) on crossguard and makers mark on ricasso. Currently I do not know the meaning of the characters on the pommel