65Using the information that I have and pictures of blades in my collection (and from other collectors where needed) I have put together pages devoted to a particular bayonet topics.  I would always appreciate corrections or additions to the information on the pages. It is not my intention to fully document all of the minutia of each type but rather give a good foundation for collectors. I would always appreciate more detailed information even if it is not used on the page. I also will not make more than passing comment on rarity or value of blades, as far as I am concerned value is down to the collector, and what may be "worth" a fortune to one collector is just another blade to another. Just click on the links below:

I am always happy to add pages dedicated to a certain type of blade or model of blade where there is a need for the information contact me direct, there is no charge and I will give full credit to those who help with such pages (there are 4 such pages already on this site but there could be a lot more, you supply the pictures and the information and I will make up the pages, text in any form pictures in jpg of at least 800 pixel width.

AK47, Derivatives and Related Bayonets 

Heckler and Koch G3

The Austrian 1895

Japanese Arisaka, 
with much help from Juken30

Austrian Ersatz Bayonets
Thanks to John Sheehan

KCB Bayonets

Canadian ROSS

Mosin Nagant 1891
Christopher in Radomski

Chinese bayonets
thanks to Keith 

Polish Mauser
With a lot of help from Christopher in Radomski

Chassepot 1866
With a lot of help from other members of the Yahoo bayonet collectors forum

SLR- L1Ax series

Czechoslovakian Bayonets and Variations
with additional page on Czechoslovak markings added  

T Backed Blades


UK Bayonets By year (non Socket)
his is rather large and takes some time to fully load

Film Bayonets

UK 1888 and 1903

German 84/98

UK Pattern 1907 Bayonets and Variations

 German Ersatz UK No4
very much under construction as I fill in information and examples
German 98/05 US M9 issue, commercial and commemorative

under continual construction caution very large at moment 

US 1904 - 1917 Bolo Knives
American Socket Bayonet Scabbards circa 1855 to 1900 Bayonet Mounting Systems