My favorite links for reference or purchasing new items - Dennis Ottobre's (OTTO) web site, a great place to get those less commonly available blades  i.e. Turkish. -  site has many highly collectable blades for sale - Bayonet Trader, another great source of blades and information - For a wide range of militaria - French bayonet reference site in English as well - The British P1888   - Swiss Bayonet reference site - Identifying US bayonets - BayoHunters collection of bayonets  - Link to Sigges bayonet collection - Frank Trazka's fantastic site on American Bayonets and Bayonets for American Rifles -  Harry Savage if you need a frog made, here is the man for the job - Good new site on Dutch bayonets good site for information and purchases frogs can be found by following navigation through equipment carriers for each year