Bayonets for the Heckler and Koch G3 rifle



Early pattern G3 bayonet with grooved wooden grips and Danish  M8 style scabbard with the wood grain finish.

Commonly known as the Rheinmettal G3 these were made by Eickhorn and a similar bayonet with a different pommel was made for the M16 rifle

thanks to Bill porter for the extra info

Totally unmarked I believe this is either a German G3 bayonet or one of their fro export. THe bayonet is completely unmarked

No example as yet

KCB with hilt modifications to allow fitting to the G3 rifle



G3 bayonet similar to the early German Eickhorn ones but with black plastic rather than wood grips



G3 bayonet with distinctive web frog






Distinctive web frog with brass ringed hole



Very rough sharpening to the blade


Norway AG3 bayonet made from US M4 parts.jpg (57274 bytes) AG3 made from US M4 parts



Crudely made G3 bayonet, with rough castings and poorly fitting grips. No markings, but UK SLR pattern blade would probably indicate the Pakistan link



Interesting scabbard manufacture has middle rather than side seams

Commercial G3 bayonet with no markings to indicate Pakistan manufacture

G3 bayonet for the HK rifle forged hilt





Bayonet for the G3 rifle



while not for the G3 as such the later CETME L is very similar

Among the last bayonets made by Toledo before they closed down this is a variation for the Air Force of the CETME L bayonet, it features a distinctive hilt catch similar to the G3 types. THe Toledo mark is clearly stamped on the blade and bayonet shows a low serial number

Naval Issue of the CETME L bayonet has a press button catch and a Navy anchor on the blade. Toledo stamp is not clear on this example


sweden AG3 bayonet.jpg (62901 bytes) m/1965 for the AK4 rifle (the Swedish version of the German Heckler and Koch G3 rifle)





Long bladed G3 bayonet in what appears to be a WWI FAG style scabbard which is unmarked unlike one below

turkey G3 scabbard.jpg (328510 bytes)

turkey G3 scabbard markings.jpg (217839 bytes)

Scabbard for G3 bayonet