Below are examples of Arisaka bayonets from my collection


Japan Ariska.jpg (83580 bytes) T30 Arisaka
Japan Ariska markings.jpg (118758 bytes) Unknown maker under Kokura supervision
Almost mint T30 Arisaka made by Tokyo arsenal with a W stamp below the makers symbol, 'W' for the Koishikawa (Tokyo) arsenal
W is clearly seen below the stacked canon ball logo for Tokyo arsenal on ricasso
there is hardly a mark on this blade, post war rework?
Tang serial number indicates that this blade is an early manufactured one, as later blades had a pommel serial.
T30 Arisaka with English names and serials on the pommel and grips. It is though that these may be souvenir marks made after the blade was captured
Makers marks
Pommel serial number
Grips show possibly two names and serial numbers, Rose and ?
ROSE name on the pommel, or is this a unit designation
Hoten made Arisaka, has oval washers for screws, 50th series blade
Hoten makers mark on ricasso
Training bayonet, grips have screws from alternate sides, Identified by Juken 30 as issued to the Tokyo University, the two grip marks and the alternate grip screws gibing the identification
only a single screw from each side
Late pattern T30 Arisaka
Makers markings on ricasso
Square pommel and shaped wrap around grips
Frog on scabbard
Late pattern T30 Arisaka with rubber scabbard

National Denki (National Electric) makers mark

birds head pommel with straight grips and no quillion
scabbard is made from canvas covered with a rubber coating, this scabbard is damaged so construction is clearly visible
Scabbard has integral frog
Late pattern T30 by Jinsen in wooden scabbard. Variation P by Johnson's nomenclature
Jinsen Makers mark on ricasso
Wooden scabbard has no throat piece...
Is bound with string to hold separate halves together
and has a square metal chape. Pi character on wooden scabbard is worth note


Training Arisaka, crudely made with very narrow fullers and blunt blade. Cross guard and pommel are only secured with single rivets producing a slack fit.
Training blade has a totally unsharpened blade
Clearly visible are the single rivets holding the pommel and crossguard (poorly)



Distinguished by their highly blued finish over the Japanese models, as they were all stripped and refurbished before entering service. Few of these blades are marked with UK markings, and many of the contract were shipped off to Russia never having seen UK service.

Japanese Arisaka trials bayonet. Japanese blades were bought and the pommel crossguard, and scabbard were re-blued. 150,000 were ordered but most were shipped onto Russia during WWI. UK marked ones are uncommon
London Regiment pommel markings
Original Japanese pommel serial are still on the pommel end
and the original Japanese makers marks are evident on the ricasso



Mukden Arisaka made after the Japanese had left

Crudely made blade has Mukden arsenal stamp on the ricasso. Blade shows heavy signs of grinding under a dark blued finish  the additional ricasso mark as the 90th Arsenal under National Chinese control (1945 to 1948)

Late war pattern crossguard and pommel combined with grips held together by rivets  

Rivets hold the grips together

Chinese made Arisaka with original frog made under communist control  (1948-50)
Arsenal marking for the 90th Arsenal under Communist control
Frog s modelled on the original Japanese pattern
Original Frog reverse side
Hilt uses Japanese style oval screws
Crude Braze on attaching the pommel to the tang

Chinese Mauser made with Japanese Arisaka blade

Tokyo arsenal Arisaka blade

Grips are made with screw headed




Rubber Arisaka used in film WIND TALKERS
Copy includes the makers mark on the ricasso