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1-23-2011 Chinese copy of M9
Chile 1895
WWI SMLE Training Rifle
Parris Dunn
Various frogs
Indian Long SLR scabbard
Norway Royal Guard
Polish 1891/30
East German 1891/30
Reproduction 1903
Unknown Rumanian
Swedish training clips
Toy Rifle with Bayonet
US M6 made into knife
Custom Blade for M16 Bushmaster
10-10-2010 A few corrections and added
M9 Marto Spain
M9 Australia
Hungarian 1891 Mosin Nagant
German 1860 Blades
Portuguese FP8 frog
UK 37 Frog - Airborne
Austrian 1895's (4 courtesy of Pierre)
        Czechoslovak Dress
         CETN Marked
         MO Marked
6-25-2010 > Added the start of a Glossary of Terms
5-29-2010 Added Frogs courtesy of Michael Curran
Irish UVF
German Frog for Shortened Gras
5-28-2010 Added Links to Changes page
format changes
Commercial Parker M3
5-27-2010 Completed index of Ersatz blades, added flags to frogs and minor text changes
Belgian 1889 frog
added changes page
5-26-2010 New frogs, and bayonets added
Commercial toy M9
Commercial Plastic M7
Jordanian 1907 TJFF
UK 1888 frog
Chinese M1920 scabbard
Italian M1/BM59 Scabbard made from Carcano Scabbard