This page is to show Items made from Bayonets. As a source of raw materials for many things the Bayonet was cheap and plentiful

An umbrella stand made from 4 Chassepots welded to rings, the feet should be 4 Gras bayonet as the scabbards are already there. Will have to acquire 4 cheap Gras's to complete this. All blades are removable so have a weapon to hand at the door if needed.

  Wine bottle holder made from French Gras bayonets cut down to cross guard, possible a Bannerman concoction

A coat hanger made from Gras bayonets, the two crossed Gras's have their quillion bent outwards to provide 2 hooks and 3 more crossguards have been welded onto the blades to provide a total of 5 hooks.


Wall sconce made from UK 1876 bayonet


Carving Knives
there are several versions of these, and I have seen them made from 98/05's etc.
Carving knife and fork made from a pair of UK 1887's with the handles replaced, and the blades reshaped. The original blade marks are still visible on the knife. Nice custom box, and the blade is very sharp and well up to Turkey carving


Presentation Pieces
very common and varied, used as desk ornaments, and probably given on retirements or changing location
Presentation ashtray with chromed M1

Commemorative marked AKM, interesting that the leather "plaque" is designed to be hung at 90 degrees to the inscription.

Franklin Mint commemorative uses a Spanish Marto made bayonet. Flags are the countries on the allied side in the Kuwait war. For copyright reasons they had to drop the SPAIN off from under the M9 mark