Modified Bayonets.

Kind a speaks for itself, some of these will also be shown under other areas, i.e. fighting knives.

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Not strictly Canadian this is a Ross converted into a purpose made knife by reversing the crossguard and machining in a "sawback" comparisons with other knives makes me think this may be for fishing as the sawback type is similar to that seen for cutting nets. Any further information would be gladly received



Modified 1874 Gras has new high cross guard with the muzzle ring machined back to give the correct lock to ring length, and the back of the pommel is shaved to align bayonet properly



1874 Gras with muzzle ring filled with brass threaded plug


Stud is permanently fixed as adjustment screw on top of muzzle ring has been riveted


This conversion is to allow the bayonet to be used as an earth for telegraphers, since it no longer fixes to the rifle the telegraphers must have only used it as a sid arm.

france lebel swagger stick leather coverings.jpg (95833 bytes) 1886 Lebel modified as swagger stick, totally leather covered 

France shortened M1886 Lebel.jpg (54731 bytes)

Shortened M1886 Lebel

  FRENCH 1886
Total length = 378 mm                  Blade length =  263mm Blade width = 13.7mm MRD = 0mm
Shortened lebel with cruciform blade ground to produce a single double edged blade. Cross guard nearly all removed just a finger guard on lower surface and welded up and pommel  reshaped, Top slot ground or filled. Scabbard modified by shortening, adding a ring for leg tie and US wire hoop attachment

France Cut down UK 1907.jpg (52200 bytes)

Fighting knife made from cut down Remington 1913 bayonet



French 1886 Lebel shortened for use by the Germans with a period shortened scabbard having a domed end riveted into the base of the scabbard

german cut down czech fighting knife.jpg (101294 bytes)

Fighting knife converted from Austrian 1895 bayonet, including cut down scabbard 



Interesting fighting knife made from a M1938 fixed bladed bayonet. Slot and press stud have been filled and the grips ground with diagonal grooving in place as rivets have been ground at the same time.



norwegian shortened krag.jpg (93548 bytes)

Krag used by Quisling Hird and Norwegian legion during WWII

Krag issued during  German occupation, close up shows Waffen stamp on cross piece. Bayonet is a shortened

Norwegian false point on german issue krag.jpg (128721 bytes)

False point ground on back edge of German issued Krag seen in above picture

norwegian krag converted to fit US garand.jpg (105562 bytes)

Krag modified to fit M1 carbine rifle post war. Scabbard modified to attach to US pattern Webbing

norwegian Krag Cnromed for parade use.jpg (56609 bytes) Krag chromed for parade
Norwegian converted Manuser for post war webbing.2.jpg (112896 bytes)

M88/94 German bayonet converted to attach to US webbing post WWII. matching German and Norwegian numbers


Total length = 600 mm                  Blade length = 570 mm              Blade width = 29.3 mm              MRD =  mm                           
Conversion of Austrian made 1886 Kropatschek for unknown uses



1903 converted by adding a plug o the muzzle ring into which a screwed rod can be fitted to take the earthing strap for telegraphy



Pritchard Bayonet for the Webly Revolver

French converted UK 1907 fighting knife.jpg (105531 bytes)

Cut down 1907 Faquhar Hill trials (fake)