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Eastern Europe 

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Austrian 1895 with Bulgarian frog, Zbrojovka Praga  Ying and Yang makers mark (see dedicated page on the 1895 ) 


Austrian made 1888


OEWG mark on ricasso



Serial preceded by Bulgarian Lion


VN scabbard

bulgaria 1888 blade and scabbard marks.jpg (92262 bytes)



Makers marks



scabbard and Ricasso markings 

1895 with Bulgarian markings made by Simpson and Co Suhl


Typical hilt and cross guard



Simpson marking on ricasso


Bulgarian Lion on Ricasso

bulgaria 1895 cavalry.jpg (74792 bytes)

1895 cavalry 


made by Hungary


Rumanian mark

Bulgarian 1895 NCO.jpg (93617 bytes)Bulgaria 1895 NCO ricasso stamp.jpg (96632 bytes)

1895 Mannlicher NCO


Ricasso stamp on 1895, showing both Austro Hungarian and Bulgarian stamps (l-r)

44 cvl marked 84/98, The front of the frog has been replaced (period) with late war thin leather face that almost appears to be like paper (style of front is more that of one for an 1895 than an 84/98). Frog is marked as 1940 made 4th INTENDENTURA which translates as something like supply department (thank you Adam Lubas). Blade has typical 44 rough manufacture

added 28/3/04

Rumania Dress Blade.jpg (88543 bytes)Rumania Dress Blade German marks.jpg (92128 bytes)

Dress Blade made from modified WWII German 84/98


German ricasso marking and modified frog hanger, similar to AK47 style hanger

Russia early AK47 model.jpg (101660 bytes)

AK47 1st model, Russian model has frog hanger with wrap around on scabbard split into two on each side.

BIULGARIA AK47.jpg (86966 bytes)

1990 pattern bayonet for the AK74 


Heavy blade has deep side grinds to give narrow edge



An Egyptian supplied AKM, this version does not have the chocolate brown grips of the more normal Egyptian model, but is distinguishable by the brown "rivet" holding the grips in place

An Egyptian supplied AKM, this version does have the chocolate brown grips of the normal Egyptian model, but does not have any markings on either the blade or the scabbard. It shows a lot poorer manufacturing quality than the Eastern Block  examples or the normal Yugoslavian made models. It is though that the Egyptians may have supplied bayonets to the Muslim sides in the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia but at the moment this is just conjecture

Yugoslavian made AKM



Austrian 1895 made by CSZ


Scabbard is an MO made one


CSZ ricasso marking, this is the makers mark and not the Czech acceptance marking



Is this mark the legs of the Czech Lion?


Frog is Czech marked B lion M



I am assuming this is a unit marking, any details appreciated

1895 with OEWG and unknown ricasso mark


Unknown ricasso marking



Austrian OEWG marks on opposite ricasso


Czech acceptance marks on pommel

Hungarian made 1895 NCO model


Scabbard frog stud shows divisional marking for Ceske Budejovice (S5)



Ricasso shows divisional marking for Olomouc (S7)


Unknown makers mark of intertwined BB on Czech issued 1895

CZ24 made under German occupation WaA63 marks only


WaA63 stamp on frog stud


WaA on tang as well, note dark black grips

Austrian 1895 made by MO and used by Czechoslovakia



MO makers mark on right ricasso


S lion 9 mark on left Ricasso, indicates Czech usage and acceptance at Bratislava

Austrian 1895 NCO model  Issued to Czech unit


Pommel Marking shows 3 Cavalry issue (3J) pre 1936



Original Austrian makers mark


Added Czech  marking on opposite ricasso of S Lion 8 for an Oppava based infantry unit

czech austrian 1895.jpg (81895 bytes)

Austrian 1895 with Czech markings


Czech Markings on blade


OEWG makers mark

Austrian made VZ23


Czech and Austrian markings

Another  CSZ made 1895 with CSZ made scabbard

VZ23 short, with blade edge in reversed configuration


Blade ricasso marked CSZ, scabbard frog stud F XXXXX, the scabbard is not original to blade



Pommel marked 00036, making this an early one in the run. I am unsure as to the end user of this blade so have left it in Czechoslovakia as the maker

czech t block export.jpg (60727 bytes)czech t block export serial.jpg (63978 bytes)czech t block export grips.jpg (81567 bytes)

T block VZ24 with oversize grips


Serial under Pommel and along tang, and oversize grips


Swan (?) mark on hilt of VZ24

Czech 23 made VZ24.jpg (83448 bytes)Austria 23 made VZ24 markings.jpg (95598 bytes)

1923 marked VZ24 bayonet


Circled lion mark on VZ24

Czechoslovakiwa M1924 .jpg (55071 bytes)

VZ 24


VZ24 Ricasso marks and scabbard with German style side screw. 

czech vz24 marks.jpg (16044 bytes)

VZ24 with markings showing manufacture by BRNO (tgf) under Russian control (crossed swords) in 1950 

Czech vz24 export version scabbard stamps.jpg (91646 bytes)

Export VZ


Scabbard and hilt markings on Export VZ 

czech vz24 de ringed high eared.jpg (95450 bytes)czech vz24 de ringed high eared marks.jpg (91668 bytes)

VZ24 de Ringed leaving very high "ears" 


Ricasso markings on VZ24, crossguard has circled z marking 

yugoslavia 945 stamped close up of stamps.jpg (93550 bytes)

VZ 24 made under German occupation by BRNO factory, marked with 945 manufacturer code on ricasso 

czech VZ24 DOT code blued.jpg (86474 bytes)czech VZ24 DOT code blued scabbard marks.jpg (102513 bytes)

VZ24 DOT 42 coded with blued blade 


DOT 42 scabbard marks 

czech VZ24 DOT code polished.jpg (88004 bytes)czech VZ24 DOT code polished marks and waa.jpg (116019 bytes)

DOT42 coded VZ24 with blade in white


WaA stamp on scabbard stud 



czech vz24 DOT ringed.jpg (65466 bytes)czech vz24 DOT ringed markings.jpg (117195 bytes)

VZ 24 DOT coded, with muzzle ring


DOT markings and muzzle ring.

Heavily blued post war manufactured VZ24 marked E3 46


Marking on tang and not ricasso as pre war models



CSV over E on blade ricasso


Z1 30 scabbard frog markings of pre war scabbard

607 marked blade showing Bystrica production around 1941


607 ricasso stamp, opposite face shows the Circled Z Czech marking


Pommel marking 7.S, meaning of this is currently unknown

VZ24 manufactured under German occupation, blade is Circle Z marked on one ricasso and has the German WaA stamp A80 on the other


WaA stamp A80 predates 945 and DOT coded German made VZ's

VZ24 Variation, probably for a South American country Has slightly different pommel and muzzle ring shapes


N block CSZ marking


Comparison of standard VZ24 (top) to variation

1924 dated VZ24


1924 date on Ricasso


8HN unit pommel marks 

Unlikely to be an issue weapon and more likely to be a "homer" but very well done.



Muzzle ring on unmarked VZ24 type bayonet are not fully removed leaving very high ears


Nicely ground UK Bowie style point on blade

Only marking is serial number on the pommel, most likely to be a South American issue blade originally

VZ24 type blade with edge down and not edge up as normal



Edge down on standard pommel

czech vz33 ringed.jpg (78320 bytes)czech vz33 ringed cetn ,arks.jpg (37904 bytes)

VZ33 with CÉTN markings 


Pommel CÉTN markings 

czech vz33 de ringed cetn.jpg (85847 bytes)czech vz33 de ringed cetn ,arks.jpg (86346 bytes)czech vz33 cetn markings.jpg (41848 bytes)

Partially removed CSZ marks on ricasso



VZ33 de-ringed by Germans in WWII 


VZ33 markings 


Pommel marks 

VZ33 with FS hilt marking, unfortunately the scabbard is not FS marked. As in all of these blades the CSZ has been defaces. FS is for customs use, as opposed to CETN for the police. This is an uncommon marking

Austrian 1895 with Pommel stamps for Czechoslovak acceptance


1958 bayonet with short tang and full grips 


Fully enclosed tang

Czech_M1958.jpg (91994 bytes)

M1958 long tang



"Blind" rivets on long tang 58

Presentation VZ58 with complete lack of fixings to mount on Rifle, complete with stand



Wooded grips are special to this piece as the long tang and pointed crossguard indicate a late model bayonet was used as a basis for this piece

There are no markings on the bayonet at all

NBC scabbard on VZ58


1976 makers acceptance mark on scabbard



Greek 1895 Mannlicher.jpg (72909 bytes)Greek 1895 Mannlicher St George.jpg (94673 bytes)

Austrian made 1895 Mannlicher


St George and Dragon Greek stamp on pommel



Hungary 1895 cavalry.jpg (88170 bytes)Hungary 1895 cavalry markings.jpg (95761 bytes)

1895 Cavalry


Markings and muzzle ring site


Adjustable sight on top of muzzle ring

A Hungarian made and issued 1895 with bone grips, the cross guard mark is as yet not deciphered

ak47.jpg (50989 bytes)

Hungary AKM First Pattern (identified by Brian



Yugoslavian AKM picked up in Kosovo by a UK para', has the previous owners name scratched into the scabbard. Matching scabbard and blade



LEBANESE AK47 1.jpg (93165 bytes)

AKM Type 1 used by Christian Militia probably supplied by Rumania (identified by Brian)


LEBANESE AK47 2.jpg (88667 bytes)

AKM Type 2 used by Christian militia, probably supplied by Poland (identified by Brian)




1922 Mauser, this is the first pattern of many for the Polish made Mauser rifles. this is marked ZBr4 for the armory #4 in K.

Poland_Mauser.jpg (89095 bytes) Poland Mauser high ears.jpg (83003 bytes)


with "high ears" from removed muzzle ring

Poland WZ22 Radom.jpg (82240 bytes)Poland WB22 Radom marks.jpg (92882 bytes)

WB22 made by Radom


RADOM markings 


Polish Army mark

WZ24 Mauser bayonet made by PERKUN, this one has WZ24 marked on the pommel, which is not commonly found. Scabbard is a German WWII model

WB28 bayonet made by RADOM, this has a flashguard fitted as standard





Inspection mark seen here on the nut is the same as that found on the flashguard


This one came in a German scabbard




Circled 11 is the mark for the RADOM factory



1958 date is second year of production


Grips are mottled unlike Russian and German models



Leather Frog obverse


Leather frog front

added 6-3-04

AKM early pattern no sawback and with a mottled red/black grip not the more normal orange of the Polish blades


Grey rather than black scabbard, matching numbers


Matt grey painted scabbard

Polish AK47.jpg (98575 bytes)

AKM type 2



1893 NCO with bone grips and ring on pommel for knot



cross guard is marked


Phoenix is on pommel


and frog stud



Frog made in 1916

Romanian 1895 scabbard markings.jpg (62875 bytes) Austrian 1895


Scabbard marks on Austrian 1895 pattern bayonet see 1895's under Austria, Hungary and Bulgaria

1895 Cavalry made by OEWG with a VN made scabbard

rumania czech vz23 long.jpg (88300 bytes)rumania czech vz23 long double horse head.jpg (117840 bytes)rumania czech 1924 markings.jpg (103050 bytes) Czech VZ24


Czech VZ24 with double horse head ricasso stamp 



Rumanian markings on Czechoslovakian VZ24 bayonet 

AK47 still in original wax paper wrapping

Romania AKM1.jpg (85290 bytes)Romania AKM1 markings.jpg (112919 bytes) AKM1 middle production period 

Markings on AKM1 

Late production AKM Type I, identified by the green nylon frog



Matching serials

Green Nylon frog

added 24/5/03



I believe this is a Serb 1910 that has been de-ringed.


Only marking is this on the spine


I have included comparison pictures of the hilt with that of an 1895the pommels are slightly longer, the cross guard appears to be the same as the 1895 but the blade is mounted normal way around and the grips are shaped  unlike the Chilean 1895 that has edge down but straight grips





Scabbard has German style frog stud, but has twin throat screws.


Frog seems to be a modification of a WWI Austrian frog made for German 84/98 scabbards, it has however 2 (rusted away) rivets on the rear face

Serbian 1899 double edged bayonet


Made by PLUMB in 1916, this is one of the American made examples, others were made by Yugoslavia and marked AT3 and others





Original frog has had the hilt strap replace higher up the frog






Czech VZ24


Pommel marks



Bayonet supplied to puppet Slovakia government during German occupation in WWII detail of scabbard markings - only distinguishing feature 

SLOVAK T series VZ24.jpg (73843 bytes)SLOVAK T series VZ24 mountain mark.jpg (73177 bytes) Slovak issue VZ24 with shot blasted finish to blade


Slovak Mountain stamp without dates and Rumanian marks on tang



Ex German 84/98 type III commercial (probably police issue)

jugoslavia 1924 short.jpg (88039 bytes) M48, the 44 mark represents the factory name and although similar to the M24 short indicates a post WWII made bayonet, often identified as Russian
Post WWII reworked German 84/98, refurb consisted of cleaning and re-bluing, replacing grips with new wooden ones and removing the flashguard


Original markings left on in most cases



This blade was originally made by Horster in 1939


New serials were applied to frog stud and cross guard

unknown 1.jpg (58127 bytes)

M1956 Sub machine gun

(with thanks to Raymond LaBar)

Jugoslavia AK47.jpg (154958 bytes)Jugoslavia AK47 markings.jpg (174886 bytes) AKM type 2 made in Yugoslavia



Vibro etched number K6 on blade and scabbard. Serial number is cast into grips and scabbard