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Childs bayonet for a toy rifle, possibly based on the Comblain bayonet. The Belgian identification is tentative at the moment

Short Export

Unknown Belgian FN49.jpg (79555 bytes) Belgian FN49 with pale grey coated metal parts, this covers the inside of the slot, the stud, tang, and nuts and bolts. Colour is actually closer to the background colour of this page and is semi gloss.
luxembourg 1949 hiilt markings.jpg (120668 bytes) 1949 model

Belgium for FN1949.jpg (54345 bytes)

for F.N. 1949



denmark 1889 krag.jpg (88129 bytes) 1889 Krag 
Denmark M1 Garand.jpg (80940 bytes)Denmark M1 Garand markings.jpg (107183 bytes) M1 Garand Danish manufactured, (local designation M1950) note wood grained scabbard 

Scabbard and Ricasso stamps 

Denmark 1957 Madsen.jpg (54857 bytes)

1947 Madsen



east germany AK47 .jpg (71466 bytes) AK47 
East German AKM type 1 early scabbard.jpg (74791 bytes) AKM type 1 with early steel scabbard - Many thanks to Peter for his kind donation 


Cross guard markings
east germany AKM1.jpg (86124 bytes)east germany AKM1 markings.jpg (117935 bytes) AKM type 1 

Hilt Markings  

AKM 2nd Pattern (identified by Brian)

Late pattern AKM bayonet with red grips instead of the more common black grips



Matching numbers on blade and scabbard

Late model AKM type II with very pale orange grips


Grips and scabbard have matching electric pencil serial inscriptions

KM87 Special forces bayonet manufactured just prior to the re unification of the Germany. Only 2500 of these were made and I believe none were issued to troops. For more pictures on this see KM87


Fake 1939 model bayonet

M1938 bayonet, this has the correct green metal tip protector, and unblued finish. This is will serve as a good comparison with my previously obtained fake.

Has SkY markings on ricasso
Makers marks have incorrect spacing and period marks in it. My copy has a made in China sticker on the rear of the scabbard, but once removed you would need to know what to look for to ID as a fake, although it is very obvious when compared to the real thing

added 24/5/03



France shortened M1886 Lebel.jpg (54731 bytes)

Shortened M1886 Lebel

france 1949-56.jpg (64672 bytes) 1949-56 MAS 




1895 Cavalry with replacement composite grips

AR10 bayonet, uses a US M4 type blade and an M8 style  scabbard with a distinctive hilt pattern, and a riveted cross guard. There is another AR10 bayonet made by the Dutch with a stepped back muzzle ring and used by Sudan

netherlands M4.jpg (46113 bytes) M4 for M1 carbine with plastic handle



Rumanian made Irish Mannlicher, from the 10,000 made for the UVF, this UVF is not the same as the paramilitary UVF of the later Irish probblems


Humpbacked grips of the 1893/1904 Rumanian. The 1893 has the Rumanian eagle on the pommel the 1904 hasn't this is the only variation between the two models


OEWG makers mark on the ricasso shows Austrian Steyr manufacture of bayonets supplied to Rumanian for onward sale


3 digit serial on the cross guard is typical of those on the UVF blades and is usually the only marking. The UVF red hand was applied locally and most are unmarked

1904 or "Irish Mannlicher"  part of a contract for 10,000  blades supplied to the UVF in Northern Ireland


Austrian made but supplied through Rumania





lack of Rumanian markings indicates that this is the 1904 not the 1893 which is otherwise identical



3 digit serial typical of the Irish contract blades




Italy M1870 Vettereli shortened.jpg (52794 bytes) M1870 Vettereli shortened

Italy TA bayonet with distinctive "cruciform" blade (thanks to Roberto for correcting the mis nomenclature here, I had identified it as a TS - Truppe Special - as most texts say, actual identification is TA - Truppe African - this blade was made specifically for colonial troops pre 1900)



Horn grips, also can be found with brass grips and several other variations



Distinctive blade shape and makers marks



Throat is shaped to accept blade



Original frog

A variation of the M1917 that I have not been able to find in the books, this one appears to have a blade from an Austrian 1895 rather than the end of the Vertelli bayonet normally used for this type.

Berretta folding bayonet



Blade once fixed to the rifle could be folded under the rifle, removing the need to remove it from the rifle



Blade slides forward and back to lock



Berretta and Latch lock bayonets, note the difference in the scabbards, with the latch lock needing a frog the Berretta having a belt loop attached directly

Fixing to rifle is via a latch lock at the rear of the pommel as opposed to the stud as seen on the normal 38 folder



All folders fold under the rifle to guard the blade



Makers marks and serial on the spine of the bayonet



Slot allowing the blade to move for and aft to lock is clearly visible in the half folded position

Italy Mannlicher Carcano with replaced grips.jpg (68779 bytes)

Mannlicher Carcano M38, handles have been crudely replaced I have learned that an American company carried out refurbishment of these bayonets fixing gluing on new grips, this is not one of these, the grips being only semi finished soft pine

M1938 Fixed folding made by utilizing the blade from the 38 folding bayonet but locking it into position



Tang serial numbers



Knurled end of folding blade can be clearly seen in the slot



The original nature of the blade can be clearly seen

Vettereli shortened and bushed for an unknown rifle

Vettereli shortened and with replaced grips, in ivory, bone or a pale composite material. The original spring has been cut and re fitted to fill groove.

M38 folding bayonet with interesting red finish to the blade


1891 TS, with unusual transverse lock arrangement on pommel. Bayonet is mounted on barrel and then rotated to lock on stud


A rather poor example of an uncommon blade, it shows a lot of damage to the wooden grips


Locking mechanism uses press button on pommel end to release lock



Made by Brescia


Bersaglieri volunteer unit  bayonet, only 6000 of these blades were made


Looks like the French 1842 with Yataghan blade and steel cross guard



1854 date

TS bayonet

M1891 Carcano.jpg (55847 bytes) M1891 Carcano

Bayonet for the US M1 Garand rifle, made in Italy

Can also be found with a 56 stamp - date(?)

M1 Garand bayonet made in Italy



Makers marks on Ricasso



Fixed webbing frog on US style scabbard

Italian BM59, also used on the AR70 based on the US M4 but with plastic handle

Italian made commercial bayonet based loosely on the extreme ratio bayonet. This was being sold in France as for the Foreign Legion and the blade was marked with their marking but this is spurious. Scabbard is amazingly complicated with an attachment system which tied the blade down around the lower thigh and allowed the scabbard (and hence wire cutter) to be removed from the webbing without taking this off




1st Kings Own Malta regiment UK 1888 MkI pt 2



norwegian shortened krag.jpg (93548 bytes)

Krag used by Quisling Hird and Norwegian legion during WWII

Krag issued during  German occupation, close up shows Waffen stamp on cross piece. Bayonet is a shortened

Norwegian false point on german issue krag.jpg (128721 bytes)

False point ground on back edge of German issued Krag seen in above picture

norwegian krag converted to fit US garand.jpg (105562 bytes)

Krag modified to fit M1 carbine rifle post war. Scabbard modified to attach to US pattern Webbing

norwegian Krag Cnromed for parade use.jpg (56609 bytes) Krag chromed for parade
Norwegian converted Manuser for post war webbing.2.jpg (112896 bytes)

M88/94 German bayonet converted to attach to US webbing post WWII. matching German and Norwegian numbers

1894 Krag made by Steyr with a shortened blade and shortened frog.

German 84/98 Mod III modified to fit US M1 Garand post WWII. The main change is the addition to the cross guard of a lug to engage into the as plug on the Garand, similar to the US M5 bayonet.
Norwegian historical society chain on mauser.2.jpg (108056 bytes)  

German  84/98 presented to friends of the  Norwegian Historical Society (1975 onwards) modified by addition of chain between hilt and blade



Chain end that engages hilt slot lock



Chain end machined to fit ricasso of 84/98

norway 84-98 modified to M1 garand jpg.jpg (70958 bytes) German 84/98 Mod III modified to fit US M1 Garand post WWII 


Addition to cross guard to engage lug in Garand

Norway US M4 style made by Kongsberg.jpg (52286 bytes) M4 Model made by Kongsberg
Norway AG3 bayonet made from US M4 parts.jpg (57274 bytes) AG3 made from US M4 parts


PORTUGAL MAUSER USED BY PORTUGUESE LEGION.jpg (90009 bytes) German 84/98 second pattern used by Portuguese Legion prior to WWII, bayonet has original German unit markings still in place 
PORTUGAL MAUSER USED BY PORTUGUESE LEGION FROG STAMP.jpg (98654 bytes) Scabbard stamp of Portuguese Legion 
portgla mp34 solothern hilt comparisons.jpg (87832 bytes) Comparison 1904 and MP34 hilts 
PORTUGAL 1904 WITH LEATHER BAG FROG.jpg (56738 bytes) 1904 with leather bag as frog. Use is unknown 
M1937 or M1939 Contract German 84/98, the difference between the two contracts is in the quality of the manufacture. This has a good finish and I will assume it is the earlier model

added 24/5/03

Pommel serial number

added 24/5/03

M1948 SMG bayonet

added 24/5/03

cross guard serial number

added 24/5/03

portugal SMG.jpg (61680 bytes) 1948 Machine gun  
Bayonet for the G3 rifle

added 27/7/03



Dress 1893 with parallel grips and all chromed


High muzzle ring



Thick tang


Brass staple is typical of German dress scabbards of the same period.

Spain 1936.jpg (84726 bytes) M1936 Mauser
spain 1936 mauser toledo stamp.jpg (52705 bytes) Toledo stamping
Opposite Ricasso
1936 Mauser made by Toledo, scabbard is re throated 1893 leather rather than the more normal steel Mauser scabbard. 1893 blade will not now fit scabbard. 
Spain M1941 Bolo.jpg (51063 bytes) 1941 Bolo Composite grips

Spain 1941 wood grip.jpg (84132 bytes)

1941 Bolo, with wood grips 

spain bayonet adaptor to fit 1941 to 98k mauser.jpg (30143 bytes)

Adaptor to allow 1941 Bolo to fit K98 Mauser 

SPAIN 1943 MAUSER PR8 MARKED.jpg (79857 bytes)

1943 pattern Mauser supplied by Germany, stamped P.R.8 

1943 model, based on the German 84/98 however the blade is narrower than the German manufactured blades

added 24/5/03

Rarer composite grips, more common are wood grips
Spanish 1943 scabbard has no throat and is thinner than its German original, the German 84/98 will not fit in this scabbard as it is narrower
Comparison of the Spanish blade (left) and German blade (right)
spain 1969 cetme.jpg (67172 bytes)spain 1969 cetme TOLEDO stamp.jpg (78868 bytes)spain 1969 cetme obverse stamp.jpg (72526 bytes) 1969 Cetme


Toledo ricasso stamp



Obverse ricasso stamp

Among the last bayonets made by Toledo before they closed down this is a variation for the Air Force of the CETME L bayonet, it features a distinctive hilt catch similar to the G3 types. THe Toledo mark is clearly stamped on the blade and bayonet shows a low serial number

Naval Issue of the CETME L bayonet has a press button catch and a Navy anchor on the blade. Toledo stamp is not clear on this example


Sweden M1896.jpg (56623 bytes)


M1896 blued finish

swedish M1914.jpg (56827 bytes)

M1914 for M1894/14 6.5 Mauser carbine

One of 224 FN FAL trials bayonets tested by Sweden in the 60's. This blade came with provenance showing it is one of the bayonets imported into the UK by Anthony Carter and sold in 1977, these blades are unmarked except for the frog wear

sweden AG3 bayonet.jpg (62901 bytes)

m/1965 for the AK4 rifle (the Swedish version of the German Heckler and Koch G3 rifle)



1889/99 with large diameter rivet in fuller that held the blade firmly in its scabbard, there is also a small rivet model and one with a machined "bar" across the fuller


Early versions had penetrating rivet, later ones (like this one are welded)



Rivet in fuller, Waffenfabrik Neuhausen maker


swiss sig.jpg (89182 bytes)

M1957 S.I.G.. stainless steel bayonet

M7 issued in Switzerland
switzerland Sig540.jpg (86022 bytes)

SIG 530 

M70 current issue bayonet