Fighting Knives.

Either converted bayonets or purpose made

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canada ross fighting knife hilt.jpg (91251 bytes)

Modified Ross MkII


.Removed muzzle ring and press stud



France 18866 cut down.jpg (80995 bytes)France 1866 cut down ricasso stamp and cross guard.jpg (94682 bytes)

Cut down 1866 used as fighting knife 


Modified cross guard and ricasso mark 

France Cut down UK 1907.jpg (52200 bytes)

Fighting knife made from cut down UK issued  US made 1913 bayonet, used by Foreign Legion in in Zaire and Lebanon (info from "corette" with thanks)



german cut down K98 fighting knife.jpg (84743 bytes)

Cut down K98 used as fighting knife 

german cut down czech fighting knife.jpg (101294 bytes)

Fighting knife converted from bayonet, including cut down scabbard 

Cut down 84-98 with a less common Australian Frog


Herder made blade in 1939, matching blade and scabbard



Double edged blade grind with fuller removed


Cut down pommel has removed locking mechanism for attachment to rifle


Light Horse? originally issued frog



Uncommon maker


KCB style dagger without rifle fittings 

Fighting knife made from a cut down czechVZ24, came in early pre 1940 production 84/98 scabbard with 1940 marked frog


 comparison of fighter with full length un modified bayonet


Interestingly the scabbard is only marked with a serial number on the back face for the throat





1940 dated frog




Dutch Marine Fighting knife.jpg (61194 bytes)

Marine fighting knife

Known as a  Stormdolk, which translates to storm dagger (literally) or assault dagger. It was also issued to infantry units prior to WW2, so it is not strictly a Marine issue (with thanks to Paul for his additional info on this)




Interesting fighting knife made from a M1938 fixed bladed bayonet. Slot and press stud have been filled and the grips ground with diagonal grooving in place as rivets have been ground at the same time.

Italian fighting knife not converted bayonet.jpg (104250 bytes)

Not converted from an issued bayonet as the muzzle ring is not drilled and there is no locking mechanism, it is however made from components of an issue blade 

Italian Assault Knife (Pugnale Da Assaultateri) 1963 - identified by Peter White



A fighting knife made by fitting a finger guard onto the 1894 replacing the locking mechanism. Scabbard is a shortened Norwegian Sword scabbard indicating that the modification is original to that country as these scabbards are not common

Grips have been replaced and are now held by "brass rivets"



spanish fighting knife.jpg (111011 bytes)

Spanish commando fighting knife 



 A WWII Home guard home made fighting knife 

UK 1888 trench knife.jpg (41771 bytes)UK 1888 trench knife ricasso marks.jpg (134204 bytes)

1888 cut down as a fighting knife  There are large numbers of variations on this which makes me think they are locally made rather than centrally


Victoria stamps on 1888 fighting knife ricasso 

UK fairburn sykes.jpg (94200 bytes)


UK fairburn sykes with knuckle duster attachment.jpg (114346 bytes)

Fairbairn-Sykes with Knuckle duster attachment. A strip of steel with rivets through it has been attached between the pommel stud and a new cross guard

UK middle east pattern.jpg (48138 bytes)

Middle East pattern Knuckle Duster an exceedingly uncomfortable blade to use, the blade is held by your fingers and not your palm as in a normal knuckle duster, this does not make the blade secure in your grip.

UK Rodgers Knuckle Duster.jpg (58970 bytes)

Rogers knuckle duster. This is a traditional pattern knuckle duster and is very comfortable to use.



M3 by Parker 
Total length = mm                  Blade length = mm              Blade width =  mm              MRD =  mm                           
Commercially made M3 fighting knife from the early 1960's

US fighting knive pre WWII.jpg (119589 bytes)

Fighting knife, this was used in the US by my father as a knife while in the scouts. The swastika markings are American Indian luck symbols and not the NAZI logo, this makes me think the blade is pre war. Similar to the K-Bar knives made by Kutmaster. I believe this is a Navy blade

us knuckle duster.jpg (59865 bytes)

WWI Knuckle duster fighting knife

US M3 fighting knife.jpg (68976 bytes)

Original M3 in later scabbard the first ones came in an all leather scabbard which is almost colelctable in its own right

US new issue M3.jpg (62089 bytes)

New issue M3 by Camillus

US camillus marine fighting.jpg (63442 bytes)

Camillus Marine fighting knife



Cut down UK 1907 - a 1918 Sanderson with Canadian acceptance mark on the pommel

Came in WWI Austrian Ersatz scabbard

with unknown mark on reverse of scabbard throat

German frog

and Luftwaffe (LBA) acceptance mark. Bayonet came from Belgian France border and had been found in this combination. Wear on the scabbard shows frog had been on it for an extended period