Frogs PtII

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CBF 179

Police frog for the 1907  




UK1907 frog

  UK1907 this one stamped with makers mark, similar to above but without hilt strap
  For the 1903
  Greek UK No4 frog



CBF 364

1895 Mannlicher frog, permanently attached to scabbard





  Hungary for 1895 Gendarmarie

Heavily modified 1895 frog, could this be a cavalry conversion to allow it to hang on a horses harness?



CBF 162


  India Police issue frog for 1907




Integral frog on Indonesian ex Dutch 1895 



Reproduction Frog for 98/22evident by streaked finish and totally new smell

Web frog for the G3



UVF frog for the 1904 bayonet

  More UVF frogs courtesy of Michael Curran, these were freely available in the shops and were made for a variety of blades, seen her the UK1888, Th Romanian 1904, and the French Gras




For the 1949 pattern bayonets



CBF 334 M1870-71 copy by Harry Savage
  Reproduction WWI Ersatz Frog
  Italy frog

Frog for 1871
(thanks to Harry Savage for identification)

CBF 335


CBF 337


  two variations of 91 Carcano frogs
CBF 339 Tool holder Frog for 1891 second hole is to carry an ax and the strap is to hold the head down
CBF 339 Combination frog for the 1891, second hole is to carry an ax and the strap is to hold the head down
thanks to Verbruggen Luc for picture
CBF 339 Ax holder Frog for 1891 in green

Original frog for TS bayonet



  Frog typically found on the T1 paratrooper bayonet. I have not yet got a translation of the characters on the tag.
The tag is apparently the end of the soldiers toothbrush, which has been cut off and attached to the frog, this is apparently not uncommon (thanks to various BCN members for this information

Late pattern T30 Arisaka with rubber scabbard



Scabbard has integral frog

CBF 359

Leather frog for the Arisaka



Lithuanian frogs for the AKM bayonets, there are two different models a leather and a web and they attach to the gear differently, is one dress and one service?

There are 3 different "green" frogs, an early fine textured pattern that is very "bright", a coarse NATO style one shown here and a finer pattern with similar coloring. There is also a desert camo version that comes in two variations
  Leather "dress"version of the frog
No example yet   A very "bright" fine camoflage pattern, not common
  2nd pattern frog has a fine patterning but uses darker colors than the first
  3rd pattern of woodland resembles the coloring of the NATO woodland camoflage
  Only 120 troops were apparently involved in the Iraq war, most of the ones of these I have seen are mint, mine shows signs of wear, could it be an actual issue one rahter than excess stock?
  The second pattern woodland camoflage frog uses a less bright pattern thatn the first, and is simialr in construction to one of the two desert camoflage variations
  The Desert camo version is a mix of pink and browns

Only 120 troops were apparently involved in the Iraq war, most of the ones of these I have seen are mint, mine shows signs of wear, coudl it be an actual issue one rahter than excess stock?



CBF 197 New Zealand frog for the 1903/1907 but in this case on an 1888 
CBF 197 1903 -1907  another of Shamans excellent reproductions compare with real one above

Badge is UK unit


Dress frog




CBF 376 Very distinctive frog for the Norwegian 1894 Krag bayonet. this has a catch on the loop to fix it to the metal scabbard and a unit mark on the rear face made using a series of pin holes



  thanks to Andrew Adams for pictures


AK47 bayonet frog, often the scabbards come without the leather frog.

Leather Frog obverse


Leather frog front




Militia (legion Portuguese a pre WWII fascist militia) marked frog for the 84/98 contract bayonets

CBF 382


Unknown "frog" found on a 1904 bayonet, container must be for some form of tool, possibly part of a horses harness????

  Portugal, combined frog and entrenching tool carrier 


Frog for the SMG bayonet, allows it to sit slanted for drivers etc.




Webb frog for the FN FAL bayonet permanently fixed to scabbard



  Black leather for AKM
  Brown leather for AKM
  Leather and green webbing for AKM
  Frog from a "dress" bayoent with distinctive pebble grain finish for AKM


Frogs for the VZ24, one is unmarked the other shows a 1953 date stamp which is very late

thanks to christi for the identification from the makers mark



  South African buff frog
  South Africa web frog for UZI

South African quilted frog

CBF 582  1970 pattern




Web frog with wire clip to fit US pattern webbing Clip fixed to original scabbard


reverse of frog



CBF395 Mauser

Thought to be a dress pattern frog for the Spanish 1893 short



CBF 400

NCO frog for the 1896 Mauser, in unissued condition

CBF 400 NCO Frog
  M1914 Sawback

CBF405 Swedish frog for the M1914 bayonet this one has had the diagonal strap removed and is painted white for dress/ceremonial duties


1914 modified


M1914 scabbard modified by removing the original diagonal strap and adding a vertical one. This variation is not shown in Carter, although there are many variations to the conversions


Another M1914 conversion, this is probably for the 1896 as the strap is lower than the above



CBF586  Modified CB410 with the buckle removed and a stud and strap added to use with the STG 57 bayonet 

1957 Early version conversion with the original loop for the strap and buckle sill in place


For the M1970 bayonet in rubberised fabric



  copy by Harry Savage

1918 pattern ersatz frog, uses multiple layers of thin leather rather than one piece of heavier.


Frog used on 35 pattern bayonets, most seen have been in heavily repaired condition with a wide range of sewing or riveting.

  Turkey No4 frog converted by a second row of stitching form a Mauser pattern frog 
  Mauser frog on German Ersatz with Turkish markings
  Turkish Mauser modified for Lebel, or is it just another No4 one?



  UK Web frog
  This home guard frog is unusual in having a WD stamp on the back
CBF 96

Naval frog for the 1888

CBF 90

1907 frog

CBF093 GS MkII frog modified to accept the 1907 with a hooked quillion by adding a leather spacer to push the blade out and curve the front section to allow the quillion to fit
  Volunteer frog

Fairly sure this is a fake made from old leather, partially on the manufacture and partly on the price paid (i.e. cheap)

CBF 120

Naval issued P08, Web is marked with N and so is the brass tag on the helve strap. This one was used by a film prop company.

It is not possible to distinguish the stamped on date

  UK 1922 made 
CBF 127

Sandhurst frog


CBF 128

Sandhurst frog made in 1941


CBF 152

RAF frog without the belt snap stud, colour is a pale blue grey


CBF 154

Frog for No4 bayonet in green



Frog for No4 bayonet in white dress blanco

CBF 154

CBF 154

Frog for No4 bayonet in Khaki


CBF 164

Home guard frog for the P14/P17 bayonet supplied on lend lease during early part of WWII, allowed US pattern scabbard to be use don UK webbing


CBF 164, variation not in book

Interesting conversion of a WWII Home guard frog with top strap modified to take a buckle


Close up of modifications


CBF 165

Press stud variation of VP scabbard, the frog was attached by press studs rather than permanently   attached. unfortunately in this case the strap is missing leaving only the body and the press studs


CBF 166

Reproduction for movie use of the airborne No4 frog with the added pouch used to store the keeper plate for the sten which was used to seal the hole when the detachable stock was removed.


CBF 165


CBF 167 UK web frog coloured for airborne regiment

No 9 frog heavily blancoed dress frog. Is TOPP 840 the troopers name and number?


Unknown "scabbard" a 1907 fits in the web, and I was told it was a scabbard made for tropical use, but the single row of stitches makes me suspicious, although I have been sent pictures of a short 1907 in a similar but shorter web scabbard, again any ideas are welcome

CBF 168

Dress frog on L1A1made in 1966



Dress cover for the SA80 bayonet


Green nylon cover for the SA80, there are several "commercial" frogs/scabbards for the SA80 despite there not being commercial sales of the type, as the British forces is the only force lumbered with this weapon

  Supplied as for the 1888 pattern bayonet I think this is more likely a tool holder, would welcome identification




  very small frog stud hole
   Blancoed frog with markings on the rear
    unknown with side strap 
  Frog that came with an 84/98 fitted with a Lebel Handle is apparently an Italian made one (signs of where the conversion was done maybe?)



CBF 423 Often sold on line as German these are actually Yugoslavian, The German skeleton frog has its strap further up the frog and uses straight rows of stitches with rivets. See CBF318.There are variations on the theme with different lengths



  Very poor reproduction of 24 frog, leather is thing and not stiff, hard to miss


Swedish, unmodified 
German with Aluminium rivets 
  Germany Brown leather