Makers marks on Nazi period 84/98 bayonets (K98). For ease I have split the markings types into:

 Weimar - WuK only

Early - S coded

Middle - Makers Names

Late -  1-3 letter coded


All pictures are of bayonets in my collection, I shall be redoing many of these to more clearly show the makers name with a more consistent quality. Some of these bayonets are post WWII reworks etc. but still show the original makers marks.


WuK - Weyersberg Kirschbaum


S/155 - E.u.F. Horster to come
S/172 - Carl Eickhorn
S/173 - Alex Coppel Gmbh
S/174 - WKC to come
S/175 - F.W. Holler
S/176 -Paul Weyersberg to come
S/177 - E Pack & Son to come
S/178 - Gebr. Heller