Bayonet related
Total length = mm                  Blade length = mm              Blade width =  mm              MRD =  mm                           
WWI German ersatz adaptor for the Lebel rifle, allows the GEW88 bayonets fit on the Lebel rifle
Bannerman produced holder for two socket blades. Made from rough brass castings, the main body needs to be drilled and tapped to take screws to hold the separate locking plates in place. a lot of polishing would be required to make this polished brass, but will need to find another to see how it was sold.
Prop rifle from Around the World in 80 Days, UK Lee Enfield with 1888 mounted
Chinese SKS front sight and bayonet mount for folding bayonet. 
Spacer made to extend the grips of an M7 bayonet to allow the bayonet to be fitted on an M16 with the short fore grip of the carbine (M4) and normal length barrel 
Danish Krag Jorgesson Barrel showing bayonet lug and mounted Norwegian 1894
Two muzzle brakes from FN FAL rifles the upper takes the apple corer bayonet the lower is the UK SLR taking the L1A* series of bayonets
Original receipt for a musket and weapon June 18??
 Phylatic cover for the 200th anniversary of a bayonet charge at Paulus Hook in New Jersey
Misc bayonet parts, part of a lot bought for a couple of bits wanted