This is a preview of what the CD will look like and the chapters I intend to cover, there will be errors in this as it is very much a work in progress, if you note anything or have anything to add I will be very grateful, particularly unit marks that I do not yet have, and I intend to add a Frog section as i have several samples of various ones


When I started collecting bayonets, I identified two variations of the 1907 pattern bayonet that I needed to complete my collection - one with a quillion and one without, now several years later my collection of the type stands at over 40, and I still know of a few I need. I found out about these other variations by reading books by such as Watts and White, Skennerton and others, and by discussion with fellow collectors and dealers, after finding myself answering more and more questions on the various Bayonet forums on the internet I thought that maybe I should collate some of my information into a form that would be useful to other collectors and this CD is the result. I am indebted to a large number of people who have shared their information and photographs after putting a request for information onto the forum, and these are identified in the bibliography.

This work is not men to replace the texts I have used to learn about the subject, rather it is to bring together information not available in a single text, or not previously reported (two new makers and assorted blades), and correct previously reported/repeated information that is incorrect or wrong. Using the CD format allows me to illustrate the information to a much greater extent than possible in any affordable book. You will also note that information may be repeated more than once, this is however to allow users to look at the subject from more than one direction and that same photograph may be used to illustrate more than one area.

If you have any comments on any aspects of the information, or can provide examples or information that is not included I would be very happy to hear from you just click on the link below. I have allowed for an limited update facility to allow for errata, addendums or extra information, and if sufficient information comes out I may put out a second edition.

I collect for fun not as an investment, so I have not indicated values, although you may infer from the text the relative rarities of various bayonets. Rarity does not always reflect value, value is to me what a collector is prepared to pay. A collector of items relative to the Grenadier Guards may pay more for a suitably marked blade than someone looking for a EFD marked blade. Value should be the pleasure that you get from finding. identifying and displaying the new addition, not it's financial value.

Any mistakes in this CD are down to me and not the various people who have helped, I apologise if any information repeated from the texts is wrong/erroneous or that I have misconstrued, it is just one of the reasons for getting as many references/contacts as you possible can.

Many Thanks for buying this CD and I hope you will enjoy browsing it, and that it proves of benefit to you, whether you are a new or seasoned collector. I have just one further request and that is you respect the work I have put into this and do not copy it, but do tell your friends J