M24B made from German 98/05 with blade ground parallel, these often have replaced grips with grooves slanting in reverse to the German originals and blued and without muzzle rings

M24B without muzzle ring and marked on the crossguard M24B

Total length = mm                 Blade length = mm             Blade width =  mm             MRD =  mm                           
This is a conversion of the German S98 with a beautiful red tinted bluing on the blade, and a clearly marked crossguard with M24b

1924 long, marked AT3

yugoslovia 1924 long.jpg (73424 bytes) 1924 long


Ricasso markings
jugoslavia 1924 short.jpg (88039 bytes) 1948 which is similar to the pre war 1924 the 44 relates to the factory.

Ex German 84/98 type III commercial (probably police issue)

Post WWII reworked German 84/98, refurb consisted of cleaning and re-bluing, replacing grips with new wooden ones and removing the flashguard


Original markings left on in most cases


This blade was originally made by Horster in 1939


New serials were applied to frog stud and cross guard
unknown 1.jpg (58127 bytes)

M1956 Sub machine gun

(with thanks to Raymond LaBar)

Jugoslavia AK47.jpg (154958 bytes)Jugoslavia AK47 markings.jpg (174886 bytes) AKM type 2 made in Yugoslavia


Vibro etched number K6 on blade and scabbard. Serial number is cast into grips and scabbard