UK 1853 modified to fit the German 1871 rifle. Conversion entails shortening the socket and adding a new locking ring (unfortunately this has been broken on this example). A similar conversion is also seen for Japan. The Japanese version uses a UK leather and steel scabbard, whilst the Uruguayan uses an ersatz style triangular metal scabbard

M1900 basically a re-hilted French 1866 Gras

Converted German Werder bayonet

1937 model bayonet, a Czech VZ24 with downward facing blade


Only marking on bayonet is a sunburst on the cross guard and serial number on pommel end, the frog stud has the CSZ mark and matching numbers The 937 relates to the 1937 model number. ID courtesy of Gerard with thanks

Identified in Carter's Vol III of German bayonets as an Ersatz bayonet made form the Belgian Garde Civic bayonet for the 1888 Rifle, later research identified this as a Uruguayan contract bayonet.


This ID was through the lack of Belgian acceptance marks and the atypical cross guard serial


Muzzle ring has been dished to fit securely on the 88 rifle